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Its Back! Campaign 3 Tasks at Reset (Week 10 Updated)

At reset tomorrow I will be posting the Campaign Tasks in the format you were all used to from the previous 2 Campaigns.

I must say a huge thank you to @GoldPhoenix0 for sorting the beta server to make this possible. I am extremely grateful that this happened, I hope Santa left extra gifts for you for being so kind. I also want to thank the amazing beta testers that swooped in to help out while I was away, @Grundulum for creating the task guides, @cky and @alv-thanos helped too. I know members of the wider community also stepped in to help, @TheIdleOne and @TimeKnight creating task lists and Hispa for posting on discord. I think I got everyone but if i missed you please let me know!

Campaign Task List coming at Reset for:

Week 2 - Stormheim

Week 3 - Bright Forest

Week 4 - Merlantis

Week 5 - Adana

Week 6 - Pan’s Vale

Week 7 - Zaejin

Week 8 - Broken Spire

Week 9 - Khaziel

Week 10 - Suncrest


For the complete campaign, here is already a thread with week 1:

I didn’t want to bulldoze in on @Starlite’s thread but I know there’s a bot developer who pulls my graphics from my initial post on the Campaign thread (waves at @Plip that I’m back) so hopefully I can collate all subsequent weeks neatly in my initial post to make it easier for everyone finding the information they need

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Week 2 - Stormheim


Campaign 3 Week 2 Strategy

Looks like we have better access to task data again. This week, save your Daily Delve Sigils (S2), 2 Event Keys (B10), 1 Vault Key (B8), the Dungeon (G1, S9, B4) and the Adventure Board (S3).

The Gold tasks can really be done at any time. I recommend waiting at least until B4, and possibly S3. I’m leaving them last.

  1. Start a Level 30+ Daily Delve (S2) using Giant’s Banner (BB) for 4 wins (B1) and then Titan class for 4 wins (B2). You can also do the Delves during Tuesday’s event, in which case, you’ll need to find other battles for B1-2.
  2. Win 4 times in Ranked PvP (B3), simultaneously earning 1,000 Gold from PvP (S1).
  3. Get 13 Blue kills (B4), starting with Monday’s Blue Dungeon, then returning to your unfinished Delve.
  4. Get 4 wins in a single Arena run (B5).
  5. Complete 3 Delves at Level 30+ (S2), including 4 wins with an Axe weapon (B6).
  6. Go to the Adventure Board and use a Stormheim team for 15 wins (S3). With a Blue storm, you should be able to match 90 Blue gems (B7) pretty quickly.
  7. Use a Vault Key to kill a Treasure Gnome (B8), using your usual Vault team.
  8. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B9), ideally with a Blue storm Stormheim team, if you can. Keep an eye out for Hyndla Frostcrown kills (G1).
  9. Open 2 Event Chests (B10).
  10. Kill Hyndla Frostcrown 5 times (G1), either in the World Event, PvP, or Stormheim Explore.
  11. Explore Stormheim 5 times at D2+ (G2)
  12. Craft 3 Blue Summoning Stones (S4).

To help out other players, I recommend setting a 4x Hyndla Frostcrown team: [6507,6507,6507,6507,3066,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033] If you don’t have that many Hyndlas, I would suggest Glory Gnome or Doom of Ice, or even Peasant.


Thank you @Starlite your strategy guide is always super helpful and well thought out.


Nice to have you back :slight_smile:


For Win 15 Battles using a Stoneheim Team, its pretty nice to use 4x Keghammer in E1. Goes by very quickly that way.


Week 3 - Bright Forest


Campaign 3 Week 3 Strategy

This week’s strategy is a bit dumb. You basically just have to work with a tricky team in fast Explore for most of it. You can’t really use the easy battles from your daily tasks, much.

Make sure to hold your Dungeon (B9) and Adventure Board (S4).

  1. Craft 1 Green Summoning Stone. (B1)
  2. Win 4 Battles in a single Arena run. (B2)
  3. Build a Bright Forest team for 22 wins (G1) using the Summer Banner (GPb) for 15 wins (S1), the Hierophant class for 15 wins (S2) and a Staff weapon for 22 wins (G2). See the team from Hawx.
  4. Fast Explore Bright Forest for 9 Fey kills (B3).
  5. Fast Explore Forest of Thorns for 13 Green kills (B4).
  6. Switch to PvP (with your usual team) to earn 5 Glory (B5).
  7. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B6) in PvP or fast Explore.
  8. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B7).
  9. Kill Wrath one time (B8) in PvP, the World Event, or Sin of Maraj fast Explore. You can switch back to Hawx’ team from here, if needed.
  10. Win 3 Dungeon Battles (B9).
  11. Complete 1 Explore Run in Bright Forest at D3+ (B10).
  12. Match 300 Red gems in battle (S3). A Red Storm and Egg Thief helps with this.
  13. Complete 2 Adventure Boards (S4). Obviously, the second will have to be on Tuesday.

Here’s a PvP defence team to help out other players: basically one Wrath and three times Child of Summer. [6858,6858,6858,6604,3021,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]


Here’s the code for Hawx’ team: [1255,6427,6638,6858,3002,3,3,2,1,3,1,1,14024]

I’ve made a guess as to the best Banner and Talents.

Edit: And I got the banner wrong (fixed now). Forgot that we need to use Summer Banner. D’oh! (Thanks for correcting me, @Hawx.)


Thank you @Starlite I used the Summer banner for the task, the red filled quick enough without the help of banner anyway so that was lucky!




That’s a really strong team, @Hawx! Nice work, putting it together. I’m able to 2-shot level 60 battles.

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Thanks I’m really happy to hear that, I actually thought ‘huh I prefer this to my usual explore farming team’ today. Super fast and effective imo


Does anyone happen to have the rewards on the passes to compare to the current one? I hear both tracks got buffed and I’m curious how much the free pass improved.

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Buffed is kinda subjective. 3rd pass has more deed books and gems, but less weapons (pass 2) or troops and weapons (pass 1).

to me, all 3 have been similar in value. If there’s a buff, I can’t say I’m really feeling it.

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Especially for people getting books they can’t actually use due to lacking Imperial deeds (or even enough of the base color-deeds)…


Campaign 1:

Campaign 2:

Campaign 3:


Thank you! I wonder if there’s a spreadsheet of this data out there.

From a glance though, it does appear as though free pass rewards have been buffed slightly!

I think there was a slight buffing of keys for the free pass, maybe?