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Campaign 3 Tasks

Figured I’d start a new thread for Campaign 3. Tasks are thanks to @TheIdleOne.

Campaign 3 Week 1


B01: Zhul’Kari Champion : 4x Win any battle using a Zhul’Kari team (except Training)
B02: Green Recruits : 1x Craft Green Summoning Stones in Soulforge
B03: Dominator : 4x Win Ranked PvP Battles
B04: Intrepid Explorer : 1x Win Explore runs in Zhul’Kari at Difficulty 1 or higher
B05: Elf Bane : 9x Kill Elf Enemies in any battle (except Training)
B06: Treasure Hunter : 1x Complete Treasure Hunt with 60 Turns or higher
B07: Guard Captain : 2x Open Event Chests
B08: Pest Control : 1x Defeat Treasure Gnome (not including Battlecrashers and Valravens)
B09: Soul Grinder : Earn 80 Souls from any battle (except Training)
B10: Purple Slayer : 13x Kill Purple Enemies in any battle (except Training)


S01: Deep Delver : 3x Complete a Delve at Level 20 or higher
S02: Adventurer : 3x Complete all battles on a single Adventure Board
S03: Orbweaver Hero : 15x Win any battle with your Hero using the Orbweaver Class (except Training)
S04: Archmage : 60x Cast Spells in any battle (except Training)


G01: Banner Bearer : 22x Win any battle using the Dark Elven Banner (except Training)
G02: Relic Master : 22x Win any battle with your Hero using a Relic Weapon (except Training)


Campaign 3 Week 1 Strategy

Time for more oddly-annoying tasks. I hope my strategy suggestions make these a little easier to tackle.

This week, we’re saving 3 Daily Delve Sigils (S1), the Adventure Board (S2), Ranked PvP (B3), 2 Event Keys (B7) and 1 Vault Key (B8). But we need 3 Adventure Boards, so we won’t be done before Wednesday, at the earliest.

  1. Start by building a Zhul’Kari team for 4 wins (B1), using the Dark Elven Banner (GP) for 22 wins (G1). The best option for B1 is probably to start a Zhul’Kari Explore run at D1+ (B4), but stop after 4 wins.
  2. Craft a Green Summoning Stone (B2).
  3. Win 4 Ranked PvP battles (B3), ideally using your usual team but with the Dark Elven Banner.
  4. Complete your Zhul’Kari Explore run (B4).
  5. You need 9 Elf kills (B5), either in the World Event, exploring Zhul’Kari or Silverglade, or in casual PvP.
  6. Reach 60 turns in one Treasure Hunt (B6).
  7. Open 2 Event Chests (B7).
  8. Use a Vault Key to kill one Treasure Gnome (B8).
  9. Use your Daily Delve Sigils to complete three Delves at level 20+ (S1). You can wait for the Tuesday Faction Event, but it will delay completion of the Campaign until Thursday. (If you do delay, use Monday’s Adventure Board for easy wins, if needed.)
  10. Once G1 is complete, switch to your usual banners, and give your Hero a Relic weapon for 22 wins (G2).
  11. Earning 80 Souls from battle (B9) shouldn’t require any special effort.
  12. Getting 13 Purple kills (B10) shouldn’t be too hard, either. Explore Karakoth or Ghulvania, if you don’t get enough from those Delves.
  13. Once your Delves are done (possibly on Tuesday), you can do your first of three Adventure Boards (S2). Keep doing them daily until the task is done.
  14. On either Wednesday or Thursday, you’ll gain access to S3. Winning 15 times using Orbweaver Class (S3) is a simple substitution into one of your normal teams, in easier battles (Dungeon, Daily Delve, Pet Rescue, etc).
  15. Finally, cast 60 Spells (S4). No drama.

To help out other players, 4x Tassarion is the perfect choice! [6190,6190,6190,6190,3010,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]


Thanks for creating the thread!
Here is my simplified graphic, similar to Hawx’s.

Order on the last 2 Silver might be wrong, but shouldn’t matter much.
I categorized them for better planning.

  • All Grinding type can be done together
  • Resource can be done instantly
  • Don’t do Time Gate until they show up, then play with Grinding team.
  • Careful with Limited Attempt at Delve, or before time run out with Pet.
  • Standalone have be done separately. Vault could use Grinding team, but not effective.

My approach for Grinding is just alter the team I use on modes that I have to do anyway with the Tasks or not. That mean doing them on Dungeon or Adventure Board if they’re not in tasks. Ranked PvP is also possible, but it’s harder and less flexible.

And of course, once you run out of options, early World Event is the best place to do tasks, as it’s fast and easy.

I don’t really like starting easy Explore run or Casual PvP just to do tasks, as it feel like doing something extra out of my usual plan. Also, it’s more fun and exciting to create creative team to do multiple tasks as once, like using full Knight team with a Sword weapon to win Explore Difficulty 9, or Ranked PvP!


Glad someone else does this. Explore lvl 1 may be faster, but I too don’t like going out of my way to do extra game modes. I enjoy having different teams in my standard daily play.

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May I ask how silver tasks 3 and 4 are known already when it’s impossible for anyone to have gotten that far yet? Was the code datamined or something?

The dataminers haven’t figured out how to get the order yet, afaik.

Instead, some kind people have been spending their hard-earned Gems to skip the delay tasks, for the good of the community.

Personally, I think the devs should compensate their efforts – or start communicating with the community again!


Oh, yeah, I completely forgot about that possibility. Thanks for reminding me.

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