By Demand: Common Troop Team // Rare Troop Team

Good morning and happy Sunday everybody :slight_smile:

I was blown away by how much positive feedback I got from my “Team Building w/ Ultra-Rares Tutorial”. Per follow-up requests from players on Reddit, in this video I demonstrate teams that can be built using ONLY Commons or ONLY Rares and down.

The Common team is something only newer players will use for a short time (although the tutorial demonstrates some very key GoW strategy concepts of

  • Troop Synergy
  • Adding/Destroying Gems
  • Extra Turns

The Rare team believe it or not is an exceptionally versatile, all-around early-game team. Useful for

  • Soul Farming
  • Quests
  • PvP (not for PvP Defend)
  • Challenges
  • Explore

I use the Rare team for all of my main progress in my “new” account - no lie. (I have Sheggra, Keeper, EK, and so many more… higher rarity does not always translate to better or more efficient!!!)


Dogs and Pigs:

Armored Boar
Boar Rider

Not much synergy, but with a traited Boar and Warhound’s spell skull damage is pretty much negated. Boar Rider and Hellhound deal damage.