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Your all-common team for devastation and glory! [challenge]

Hi everyone,

I’m back into the game after a long break, and I’m delighted by some of the new additions - Baby Dragon especially has me grinning with glee with that super-fun power and great art. Anyway, I’d love to hear from other players on your team of commons that you would build. Since you don’t know what exactly you will be fighting, compose your best “jack-of-all-trades” team to handle the broadest variety of possible enemy configurations.

Your team consists of four common rarity troops, with no duplicate troops.
All are max level, but non-ascended (so still common rarity).
You may have a total of six trait levels spread across your troops (So, two troops with max traits, other troops with none, or 1/1/1/3, 2/2/2/0, 3/3/0/0, etc.) Trait unlocks follow the standard order per troop (I hope that makes sense.)

I have been away long enough that I bet I’ll get to hear some fun troop combinations (and even completely new troops) that I’ve never seen. Thanks in advance if you choose to participate!


I don’t have any base commons, but I would assume one of the better builds for all commons under those rules would be:
Fortress Gate *** - Dragon Egg - Justice - Courage ***, +2 red

Undead nightmare Kraken banner or broken banner or dark banner

Trait them if you want, it might help the speed.

Edit Traited them out;
Dark banner
Ghoul (Two traits)
Villager (Two traits)
Wraith (One trait)
zombie (One trait)

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Honor - 3 traits.
Skeleton - 0 traits.
Sunsail - 0 traits.
Courage - 3 traits.

Guardians with all traits are very expensive, so maybe a rule to not use them could be placed considering how far it would take to get the traitstones in comparison to the other commons. If so i would gladly change the team i posted.
Edited to fix my mistake.

No duplicate troops!

Lyya is right,[quote=“Lyya, post:5, topic:15635, full:true”]
No duplicate troops!

Sorry Ivar. Now i am wondering if i should add traits to my team. Yep i should trait my team.

Oops, an oversight on my part about duplicates. Changes done, Sunsail will work just fine to fill Honor’s mana and deal some damage.

Skeleton, Orc and Dire Wolf are way more powerful than you’d expect for commons when used in a proper team. I’ll have to put some thought into this.

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Humility (3 traits)
Rock worm
Courage (3 traits)
Dragon Eggs
+2 brown flag

i kinda feel like im cheating…

Poison and Plague:

Giant Toadstool (3)
Scale Guard (3)
Sand Cobra

Sometimes use that team in Explore. Probably won’t win a fight though, but is actually fun to use.

I like this all common team:

+2 Red Banner
Scale Guard***

Between transforms and conversions, all colors are covered.

Scale guard is the main damage dealer. You get synergy between Scale Guard and Serpent with the poison damage boost plus Serpent converts to Scale Guard’s color.

Villager/Werewolf is the tank since you get a full heal between transforms Also, Sunsail has stone link which will help fill them quicker. Sunsail also makes a conversion to brown.

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