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Bugs about "Events"

Hi !

I am currently playing to get those rewards when you collect special gems for the “Events” Some Light Exorcise and i didn’t received my 1st reward which is 250 souls. I know it’s not a big deal but it didn’t worked but I did received the 2nd one ( 20 gems ). Not sure what happened but nothing showed up when I hit the button the first time.

Maybe something for the devs to look out for.

Thanks for reading !


We’re aware of this issue where souls are not being rewarded correctly. We are working on a fix which we hope (as our previous fix didn’t fully resolve it).

In the meant time I would contact our support team to get your missing souls.

Cheers for the reply.

I won’t bother to ask souls back, i just wanted to informed about that issue so it won’t happen again :slight_smile: