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Bug with lvl of kingdom

Good night ! Could you explain? why the first lvl of kingdom power doesn’t unlock, when i completied all requestes? (see attachment images)
Thank you!

Foto-1 Foto-2


Я бы посоветовал для начала перейти в англоязычную версию, там сделать эти скриншоты и выложить их.

Thank you, we’ll take a look! Please be sure you’ve restarted the game at least once since this started

Thank you for quick response - I restart game twice - lvl kingdom doesn’t change. So I tried open game on other device ( phone with IOS, before - played on PC) - nothing change…

I’ve made some changes to your account. Please let me know if this resolves the issue! You will need to restart the game. : )

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Thanks for help - at this moment the level of the kingdom is correct - a great game has a great admins! But there was a question about opening a class of the hero “archer”, which is given finishing Forest of Thorns (see imageFoto%203 )

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Hi Meras,

Please check your in-game mail, I have sent you the Archer Class.