New update bug on Kazhiel Kingdom power

My Kazhiel Kingdom is stucked on level 0. The problem is one of the tasks that I need to complete in order to level up, is incomplete but it should be complete. The task is “Complete all quests”. I already done all quests on this kingdom. All other kingdoms don´t have this problem, so I thought I must be a bug.

Thanks in advance and have a good night.

What numbers do you have showing on the Kingdom screen? Do you have 31/31 as below?


I’m seeing the same problem. I’ve finished all quests for every kingdom. But Khaziel is still power level 0 with the same unfinished requirement.

There was an issue with new quests for unlocking a new class in Khaziel at the beggining of this week.
Surely related.

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I am having the same issue.

I hope this is fixed soon :slight_smile:

Didn’t Runepriest quests sneak out early and then have to be disabled? I’m betting this is related.

Same issue, glad it’s not just me

Hi all, if you are experiencing this issue please contact support with “technical issue” selected and we will fix your game.