Bug - Kingdom Income drops at 1 gold star Power Level

Just noticed a weird bug today regarding Kingdom income.

My Silver star Kingdoms show 95 gold per day (20 base, 25 quests, 50 for Silver star) - looks good

My 2 gold star Kingdom shows 145 gold per day (20 base, 25 quests, 50 for Silver and 50 for 2 gold star)

But my 1 gold star Kingdoms show only 45 gold per day, when they should be 95!

My total gold per day appears consistent with this error too - it’s dropped from around 2,400 per day to only 2,100 since I upgraded a few kingdoms to 1 gold star.

Would be interested if other players could confirm this bug, and check what happens to 3 gold star kingdoms (I don’t have any)?

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Just checked my kingdoms, and that seems true for me too. All my 1 gold star kingdoms are missing the +50 power income.

Are you guys on Steam, iOS, or Android?

I think this MAY be a display bug only, which has been fixed on Steam. I thought I’d check that first before we go a-hunting for it!

Happening/showing on my last few 1-star kingdoms as well.

Just took Adana from 1 star to 2 star, and indeed the income increased from 45 to 145.

iOS (iPhone 5s).

steam looks okay.

Apparently I only check income on my mobile…

Confirmed that both kingdom and total daily gold are simultaneously showing correctly on Steam but incorrectly on Android. So it’s a display bug, which means I’m happy didn’t actually miss out on any gold. :slightly_smiling:

Is this still a problem on Android? I have just gotten a kingdom to 4 stars and the income listed for that kingdom still only shows 100 instead of 150.

If you just got the 4th star I believe the game has to refresh (easiest done by restarting the app).