BUG 4 Star Kingdom NOT Giving +50 Gold


I believe there are a number of posts on this for the PC/mobile version.

4 Star Kingdoms do NOT give +50 Gold like they are supposed to on CONSOLE.

“This Kingdom” Pre upgrade:
Base +20,Quests +25, Kingdom Power +100

"This Kingdom " 4 Gold star Post Upgrade:
Base +20,Quests +25, Kingdom Power +100

Income total Gold per day is identical as well.


This is why I stopped leveling Kingdoms at 3* (for now), we need 9 Troops (and all 9 to count, looking at you Zhul’Kari :rage:) in a Kingdom to realistically get it to 5*.


The Holy city will be blaring its trumpets real soon…


First I’ve heard of this. You mean that the income DOES increase at silver star and 2 star, but NOT at 4 star?

Have you restarted your game? It seems really weird to me that it wouldn’t work in just one case.

How about the 5-star bonus?


1 Star (Silver) +50 OK
1 Star Gold Double Tribute Reward OK
2 Star Gold +50 Ok
3 Star Gold Double Chance OK? ha
4 Star Gold +50 per Day BROKEN

You only get +145 when getting to 4 Gold this is identical to 2 Gold Stars. the Reward for 4* power does not apply/work


its one that @Sirrian - said would be fixed for pc starting this week but cosmetically wouldnt be fixed until 2.1.


sorry - not sure if it is fixed for consoles since its server side?