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Bug: Kingdom Income

I have 11 5-star, 3 3-star, 1 2-stars and 8 4-star kingdoms. All quests were completed. My home kingdom is Pride Land. I do not have any 0,1-star kingdoms, so i can’t compare to 2-star kingdoms.
Is Gold per day 4385 correct?
Why do the 2-star kingdoms and 4-stars kingdoms tribute the same gold?
EX: Adana 4-star tribute 145 gold/day (should be 195 gold/day)
Glacial Peaks 2-star tribute 145 gold/day

I have been seeing a drop in my hourly gold rate as well. Maybe the new kingdom has accidently messed with rewards?

There is a thread, somewhere, where the 145 vs 195 is confirmed as a display bug.

I have suspicion it might be a visual-only bug, but we’ll investigate tomorrow


Here is the similar thread. I don’t know if it will help you link to previous tracking down work from January.

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I don’t think it is a display bug. Before upgrading 4 kingdoms to 4 stars, i collect 182 gold/hour. After upgrading, i still collect 182 gold/hour.

The income must be:
500 (Base) + 195x19 (4-5 star kingdoms) + 145x4 (2-3 star kingdoms) + 10 (Khaziel Kingdoms) = 4795 gold/day

Any update? im not getting the extra 50 gold for the 4th star.

@Sirrian any update?

Oh - sorry I never got back to you.
We had server issues, then PvP issues, then everything span out of control for a few days!

It does appear to be a bug. Which we’re going to address next week.

Actually, I just had a look in our issue tracker, and I have another (more detailed) update for you.

We have a hotfix going out to the server for this on Monday which will actually fix the amount of gold generated, so that players receive the correct amount for 4-star kingdoms

There will still be a display issue in the game, and it will still SHOW the incorrect value in the kingdom menu. This will remain in place until we do another update for the client.


Awesome! Thanks for update.