Bug. 4 star kingdom doesn't give 150 gold for kingdom power (still in 2.0)

Bug. 4 star kingdom don"t give 150 gold for kingdom power

Have you tried playing a match and checking again? The servers often have difficulty logging data until you directly connect with them via battles. (Guild task donations, for example.)

Also, have you tried exiting and entering the game? If neither of those work, then contacting support should help bring the staff’s attention to the issue.

Problem reproduced in 8 hours in a row. I tried to enter the game 6 times for that time

It’s probably only a display bug - what OS are you using? My Android shows all my higher star kingdom incomes too low, but on Steam they show correctly.

OS Windows 10. Bug is still present. :weary:

BUMP still a problem in 2.0