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Bug? I can't receive the tier rewards

Bug? I can’t receive the tier rewards

when updated yesterday,I enjoy the pvp immediately.
Now my tier is level 2 and battle number is 1837 .
But,I can’t receive the tier rewards from tier 15 to tier 2 in Steam and Android
My invite Code is LILIZDDR

Please help me !
Thank you very much~

@nimhain @sirrian

The same thing happened to me. I suggest filing a support ticket. I filed one this morning and the situation has already been corrected.

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That should be fixed. Next time you gain a Tier, you should receive all the rewards from the previous Tiers.

Thank you very much!

Might be a stupid question but how does someone know when they are missing rewards in PvP?

I tend to stay in the PvP window while battling, rarely dropping down to the world map in order to minimize Defense attacks that come every 10 minutes-- how do we know for sure whether the Tier rewards were being rewarded or that they didn’t?

when you get a tier reward - it shows the old circle with your rank, then gives the rewards. i often get 3 or 4 ranks at a time. you can add up from rank to rank and see if that matches what you got.

I’m pretty sure I got all the way to tier one before the fix and received no rewards for the entire pvp event.

Contact our support team and explain your issue.

This is STILL happening to me

It’s a pesky bug as explained to me by Support when I contacted them.