Buff pure faction team for level 500

Maybe double the stats gained from hoard level for that faction’s troops?

This is just too much


To be fair, it was over when Spectral Knight got that 25% chance to kill my summoner, but still… too much stats


Oh you can get those stats too. They just want you to spend billions of gold to do so.


I’d settle for a system rework :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly, thats why they nerf Dragon’s Eye, because it could take you there without spending that ridiculous amount of gold for boosting stats…

Edit: I meant to lvl 500 not to faction team renown completion


Even if you triple stats gained from hoard level you are very unlikely to stand a chance in a mirror match. I’d rather see an extra global hoard that adds stats for all faction teams. Maxing out that one hoard would still take years of gold farming, but at least it’s a way to progress.

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I’ve said that from the start. Why is the treasure hoard stats not shared between all of the factions? I don’t get it… If they all shared the same level but had different quality levels, it would make it infinitely more better and while it might be pricy at later delves, it would be a worth while sacrifice. Quality level could start at 100 for Level 2 and up 50 for each quality for 500 at Quality Level 10…

Would make it less brutal overall… but it’s never going to happen. It’s been like that for a good few months now with no changes in sight.

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The shortage in this game is not gold, its treasures.


Only while your hoard level is still low. If somebody gave you all the mythic treasures you could ever use, you’d still need 134 million gold to max your hoard, every 4 - 5 weeks. And that number is significantly higher if you plan to use treasures of quality lower than mythic.


My point was that you can continue to acquire gold as much as you like through PvP, explore and even maps, with no limit except time.

Acquiring chaos shards, to turn into some treasures however is quite limited.

With regard to hoard levels, at least two factions can be fully passed with faction troops with hoard levels below 200. The other two seem more difficult, but 200-250 and a bit of lady-luck should be adequate.

My experience so far is that I am gold-limited, not shards-limited. I have made a point of doing all three Delves daily. To earn enough gold in PVP to actually spend those treasures would take far more time than I have available, and more still than the time doing the Delves took.

doesnt getting to horde 1000 cost like 7billion almost or something?..im going to say gold will be limiting factor xD

It depends on the type of treasures you donate. Best case is 133,422,400 gold, worst case is 6,696,640,000 gold.


Time tends to be a very limiting factor here though. In order to get a newly released faction to max hoard level in time for the next faction release a month later, you need to play a PvP match each minute, for 3k gold, without taking any breaks. That’s assuming you have 1001 mythic treasures lying around, if you need to resort to lower rarity treasures you’ll have to speed up PvP matches a little, up to playing one each second.

If you had all mythic treasures, it costs just:

1,116,000 to reach level 156
2,212,000 to reach level 200
4,516,000 to reach level 254

Not sure if any hoard level will be required beyond that.

Yes but seriously you need to run those numbers in a realistic environment. ALL Mythic Treasures, give me a break. The aprox “cost” should be using some “average” of them. I generally use the top line of Treasures sub 100 and the good ones once I’m over 100. It might not be optimal, but Treasures is my current limiter.


In regards to All Seeing Eye, I would not have stopped at Treasure Hoard 199 if gold costs for the lower treasures didn’t cost an arm and a leg to upgrade things. I’m sitting on a comfortable amount of shards to get more treasure, but there’s no point as I’m waiting for the next faction to mythic those troops before I do anything else.

Also, I’ll give a hard no to 200-250 to finish Sea of Sorrow.