Brown Gem Transformer


I like the sound of this. Now, my transformer collection will be complete. :smile_cat:


A brown transformer you say?


:blush: I didn’t even catch that.


That’s ok, they’re more than meets the eye.


… and Rocks in disguise.


That would be Rock Lords. Powerful Living Rocks!


well played sir.


If we had a brown transformer, what would its colors be? How would you loop it with those colours?


doesnt matter, it would, be rockwormx3/brown transformer


I was thinking more like (green seer + giant spider) or (alchemist + hellcat)


The only universal transformer that takes brown is Alchemist. If this troop takes yellow, then that’d be the obvious loop (and would be yet another way to power Maw fast). If this troop takes green, then Alchemist -> Green Seer -> New Troop -> Alchemist could loop. If this troop takes blue, then Alchemist -> Valkyrie -> New Troop.


A new brown gem transformer? UnSpoiler It probably wont look like this!


Is that optimus cage?


No, it’s Cagetron