Brown Mana Gnome?

I belive this Troop should be a Gnome since it looks like a gnome and we dont have a Brown Mana one.
And the loot it can be :
10 Common Ingots
8 Race Ingots
4 Ultra Race Ingots
2 Epic Ingots
1 Legendary Ingot
1 Mythic Ingot

There’s a Mech Gnome currently in production and I think its Ingot based

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don’t know how to interpret that


First off I think there would be backlash if they added “race” ingots to the game.
As for the picture I dont know which is more disturbing, the fact of what he may be doing to the little piggy or the fact that the artist made it an obvious male piggy by adding a goatee to the pig.

I am surprise it’s not flagged yet

Hold my beer! :rofl: