We need more female Gnomes

Just something that’s bugging me a bit after running GAPs all weekend. Only 3 of the 14 current Gnome troops are female. Awful ratio.

Heck, they could redesign one of the current male Gnomes as a lady.


I wish I could believe this is a joke


They’ve redesigned the art for other troops in the past. So why not?

How can you tell which gender they are? I mean, some of them look a lot like dwarves and I think female dwarves can also have a beard :grin:


Dwarves ≠ Gnomes.

So you want to murder more female gnomes?

The poor things are hiding away from us and youn want to lure them out?

How could you? :joy:


According to Google the current male/female ratio is in line with global gnome population dynamics so there is no need for more.

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Obviously there are more female gnomes:

Daemon Gnome! 100% female, no doubt!
Hoagi - also female gnome (after 10th shot of booze)
Mecha Gnome - well, you got the point :slight_smile:
Pet Gnome - ahhh, hard to say to be honest… add make up and our total score 50 / 50


It’s weird how many initial responses here are at least somewhat dismissive, but also from men.

Wanting a greater representation of different gnomes, people and looks is reasonably valid. It’s easier to not notice when your own look is well-represented.

I think it’s at least clear when troop designs and names etc. line up with broadly-perceived male images or presentations.

Band members come and go, Hoagi could decide the working conditions are not quite what he expected (lots of dying) and be replaced :thinking: (or, you know, just future Gnomes – god forbid – could be more diverse).


I’m pretty sure most (heterosexual) men love to see more women.

Doesn’t mean we can’t joke around.

There are lots of female troops, aren’t there? Maybe not amongst the gnomes but maybe they are a race that just has more men?

I have a serious question, though. Whose looks are represented by gnomes? Who feels theirs are? :sweat_smile:


Wait…it’s not? Good grief, what’s next in a puzzle game?

This is bait.


This is totally valid feedback and I’ve passed it on.

Representation matters.

Whether it’s Gnomes, Daemons, or Wildfolk we’re trying to be more aware of this.


Are you serious? More female-themed characters? I’m feeling very forgetful, can’t remember when was the last time I paid attention to this, for it to be an issue :sweat_smile:

I guess it really is an issue. If we need more female gnomes, I hope they look like Cindi Savaelips, yes, more female gnomes like her (I’m so confused, I don’t know if I’m being serious, trolling, or if I’m simply possessed :thinking::grinning::upside_down_face::dizzy_face:)

If anyone wanted to really know how I felt about the matter, I really don’t care, just as long as it helps the game. (Really? :woman_shrugging:)

We have received repeated feedback over the years that we should include more diverse characters in the game (including representation of people of colour), and that we should also have more female characters who aren’t as sexualised, so yes, seriously.


According to the law of supply and demand, you are reducing the value of female gnomes by increasing their quantity.

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Maybe Cindi would come out more often if she had a few more gf


Because the redesign of art of troops is not the same thing as redesign of character from male to female just because there is an “awful ratio”. If the creator of this troop wanted to create male character than it must be male character. Just calm down! It’s just a game! Everyone remember about MK and how angry were the MK fans because of female characters redesign just to make them more “realistic” (in a game full of magic, other realms :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:). Please! Don’t ruin the game! Don’t tell them to redesign a characters that already exist! Propose them to create a new good character!

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Hi, Sinny!

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same can be said on the topic of daily deal offers, but nothing really happens on that topic :wink:
or can you give an update on the " still hasn’t passed “”“”“testing”“”“” "-situation of the daily deals ?

on this particular topic,
Why not some new gnome with extensive use of makeup, very female looking but with a big co -smetic Adam’s Apple. Could even just be named “cosmetic pet gnome” with the ability to also spawn in pvp - or exclusively in explore?! - with the ability to find a cosmetic pets instead of a normal pet-rescue on defeat. Wouldn’t help my, my pets are maxed out, but hey, seemingly there’s interest in the community.

I feel like fixing stuffi in the game that isn’t working as it should (f.e. read first paragraph again!) has to have a higher priority than some gnome designs or troop designs. Please don’t change the gender of existing gnomes, instead maybe add a Psychiatrist Gnome in a future update (male or female) those gnomes could go to if they feel ill.