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Someone has watched "Major League" and took the wrong message from it

It’s not actually a good idea to try and devalue your own company, or organization, or video game…

I mean this seemed like a niche one off similar to seasonal imps or treasure “troops”…

But now I see it as a dangerous trend where monocolor isn’t regulated to just common rarity.
Because I’m learning that the rarity of the troop is actually just cosmetic isn’t an indication of power.
Considering the two new Legendary Troops compared to the new Mythic this week.
Nor drop rate. Considering Cedric and Heart of Rage not having the same drop rate.
Or even having more than one Mana color.

I look forward to the next common rarity troop that has 2 Mana colors. Because why not?
F**k rules or consistency… It’s 2020!

Btw…another Red Mono color Grosh-Nak troop.

How original. :pensive:

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Rage stones are always the placeholders on Tarans. The epic and rare troops will probably be updated before release :man_shrugging:

5 days away from release? I’ve never saw a change like that before. Which is why I also only look a week ahead.

They seem to be doing a lot more last-minute these days. And there are a lot of bugs, too, but that’s a different issue.

I’m thinking we’ll probably see mini-updates coincide with Campaigns, but that’s just a guess.

If I’m right, though, then we’ll see small updates every 3ish months like we’ve always had, just on a somewhat-predictable cycle.

And with subsequent last-minute troop tweaks (that might mean more bugs, who knows? :man_shrugging:)


Raise your hand if you also saw War Dork.

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I’m sure your constant criticism is a spur to improvement. I know it always has been to me. :roll_eyes:


At least I choose to criticize the developers. The ones I help financially support.
Instead of just the other players. Who you feel it’s your divine tight to criticize whenever you’re in the mood for it. Please don’t let this be another thread of mine that I created and you instead make all about you.


You don’t get it, do you? But then again, you never do. You are utterly incapable of seeing how your constant criticism, ranting and verbal abuse pushes people away instead of encouraging them to consider your ideas. This isn’t about me. It’s about you and the face you present to the world. You can be a decent, charming, likable person, but all the members of this forum ever see is your anger. Maybe you could consider that for a change, instead of blaming everyone and everything else. You have the control. Use it.


She’s not wrong.

Anyway, yeah, mono red is often the placeholder. If you look further ahead, you’ll see most upcoming troops are still showing using red mana only. As always, anything not yet released is " subject to change at any time", as the site says. Hold the panic until it’s released :slight_smile:

An update is happening soon :tm: and a new campaign on Monday, I guess they have a bit much going on and are a little behind. Hopefully all will be made right by Monday :crossed_fingers:

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Oh I’m sorry.

I see all the litany of changes to the game in a positive way because no negative feedback was mentioned on the forums.

It’s not an automatic system. But it’s better than nothing. So to criticize the criticism just reads as strange as frank and obtuse to even the most recent adjustments to Heart of Rage.
Had nothing been said about it, then nothing would of changed. Instead a lot of NEGATIVE feedback was made and positive change has and will come from it.
I wasn’t the only one who made such a criticism, but on behalf of those who did, you’re welcome.

And if these images are just placeholders despite being so close to release then cool. Next time I’ll know better. But it’s entirely possible that placeholders can be forgotten to be replaced. So hopefully the OP will be a helpful reminder at the very least that the the troops need attention.



(10 character)

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Glad to see you were right.
They have been updated now.

Unfortunately the new crapthyc made it thru the release gates so yeah… I’m probably overly paranoid. :confused:


Happens, man.

I know I’ve been disappointed so many times that I’m always faster to be hyper-critical than cautiously optimistic nowadays, and that’s a shame :confused: