Any information about the Mech Gnome and the Vault?

I watched the latest stream, but I haven’t found or heard anything about the Mech Gnome (Ingot Gnome).

Is it planned to be released anytime soon?

Also, is there any information about the Vault troop changes, like that you’re most likely to get the missing copies instead of the same ones and with a higher occurrence?


I would love to hear more feedback from you about this.

Do you think if you keep tagging the devs in unimportant stuff they will start to ignore you?


I think tags of this sort make them more inclined to ignore all of us, because they can never be sure what pings they should pay attention to…


We don’t have any further news about a potential mech gnome. It isn’t something that you will see in the short term future, and I will let you know in advance when it will come to Gems of War.


Thanks for the heads up.