New Leprechauns

I was thinking if we could have 2 new troops, similar to Leprechaun?!

  • Divine Leprechaun (blue/yellow)
  • Demon Leprechaun (red/brown)

@Kafka @Jeto


Divine is exploding yellow gems, and Deamon red gems?

We have tons of “explode the board” things already. If they did things other than exploding the board that might be interesting. Like maybe cursing or removing mana based on colored gems on the board? Other than that, IMHO we don’t need more explode the board things right now.

Since there’s 0 empowered troops with explode from those 4 colours, I disagree. :thinking:

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yes this will help me save time when searching for the fourth troop for each pvp region :sunglasses: