Bring badges/medals to soulforge

now hear me out… make it something like 10 Gaard Medals to make 1 Yasmine Badge, 10 Yasmine Medals to make 1 Cedric Badge etc.


Not that I can’t get behind the idea, but even this kind of scope would make it useless to pretty much everybody.

Using a 10 medals = 1 badge of the higher rarity would mean 30 medals of the rarity below it for a single medal. So 30 cedrics for a single Aranaea, 30 of those for an Anu, and 30 of those for a Nysha. If your goal is a single Medal of Nysha from medals of Cedric (eg., for the purposes of making a mythic elite level “guaranteed” without gambling), that would mean 27 thousand Medals of Cedric to upgrade to a single Medal of Nysha.

My ask would be this as a starting point: 3 medals and 10,000 souls plus for one of the next Medal, then add stuff. This starting cost greater than same as how much of the bar the medal would give for elite levels. Too generous? Up the souls cost. Add traitstones, arcanes specifically. The Arcane used can be on a rotation based on the kingdom per week. This would be a wonderful way to get rid of traitstones that endgamers don’t need but keep piling up even higher because we are now doing explore just to get medals.

If the medals cost is too much higher than 3 medals for one higher medal (3 to 1 would give us the same long term bottleneck in terms of farming medals for elite levels), I don’t see anybody getting any benefit out of it short or long term.

Gold and mythic ingots used to be hard to get. Wait six months to see if they are still that hard.