Recipes in Soul Forge to upgrade medals

Such recipes exist for other currencies with an associated rarity (ingots, traitstones). Why not medals?

Given that 3 medals of one rarity are worth a single medal of the next rarity (in terms of upgrade chance), perhaps this recipe could cost 4 lower medals and 1000 souls, and award 1 of the next level.

Ex: 4 Gaard + 1000 souls = 1 Yasmine


My Lord. When will anyone ever be satisfied with anything in this game? Games like gems by their very nature are designed so that you can never reach the end. There is no end; content can and will be added to keep you playing and spending cash in the forlorn hope that you can somehow ever get there albeit for the briefest of moments. People complain because they want it to end because they simply can’t accept the reality of never ending grind and walk away. The only one who can end the misery is the player himself. The devs ain’t gonna give you a golden ticket.

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The proposed conversion rate of medals (4 to 1 of the next rarity) would mean, on average, farming more medals than if you had just gambled them away in various attempts to elite level the same troop. If you were to “trade up” over many rarities (for example, trying to get those Cedrics up to Nysha), you are losing a lot of potential upgrades - 1 Nysha medal elite bronzes a mythic(+10k souls), 27 cedrics elite bronze 1 mythic on average (+90k souls), and 1 Nysha medal would cost 64 cedrics were you to upgrade (+31k souls). And yes, I know you could technically do it with 3 medal of Anu, which would be 48 cedrics for bronze, but silver and gold would need to go all the way to Nysha for the guaranteed upgrade the cost of 64 cedrics per. The proposed soul cost could save some souls, but I don’t think many would be opposed if the conversion cost 10k souls as well.

The burn isn’t that it can’t be completed (well, for most of us), but it can’t be progressed in any significant way. By in large, the desirable troops to elite level at endgame are legendaries and mythics.
This system says no unless you gamble low rarity medals until you get lucky or grind top speed for tens of hours until you get lucky and get the right rarity medals. Both are unappealing for a large number of people, removing this as a goal entirely for them. I don’t need to be able to finish elite levels, but I want to be able to enjoy the process of putting them on the troops that I want. I used to with early explore and traitstones, I was planning to on again with medals… but it just didn’t come together like this, both for this reason, and the excessive amount of interface clicking that needs to be done in the interface that makes the process unpleasant. Funny that this system was apparently designed to combat obnoxious randomness of earning arcane traitstones, something that was not really that much of a problem, and then created a system ten times worse with tokens.

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Needing to grind for tens of hours and needing to be lucky to make progress are concepts that are at odds with each other if your goal is crafting a fun experience. The infinigrind and massive soul costs penalties for attempting to add lower rarity medals to elite higher rarity troops are fine so long as there is a way to push past the RNG to make what can be considered progress. RNG is fine, but not at the tail end of an extremely long grind to see if you rolled a zero or not and your prize is some stat points that don’t generally represent some kind of major power shift (especially when you roll mostly zeroes, and your “reward” just isn’t big enough to make it compelling to interact with).

Given either of these suggestions, “completing” elite levels is still likely a completely impossible goal, but getting them on the troops you want might be slightly more palatable (but not technically any easier nor faster). Just that feeling of being able to sit down, play for an hour, and know you are a tiny fraction closer to your goal than when you started goes a long way to the psychology of making it appealing to use that hour on this game in the first place - a very important thing for a free to play game to do.


I totally agree. I immediately dismissed the idea of medal boosting my favoured troops for 2 reasons: firstly, the medal bonus for power troops is uninspiring and the grind factor is ludicrous…again. when will Sirrian ever endorse his ideology of overplaying the game in a healthy more balanced way? Never, that’s when. I boost faction troops in general with medals on factions I’ve not attained max renown for. Global medals are useful of course but they are being abused in wars by top guilds who play marginally during the week in an attempt to sustain def victory chance. Then they blitz at the end. Some guilds kick players who dally and delay fighting their wars battles. I would certainly penalise the heel draggers who try to get an advantage by exploiting medals. Top guilds are active by definition and yet do few wars fights until the end of the week. 60% of a guild should be fighting daily wars as a minimum. Penalise those who don’t with eg a 10% score deficit.

It’s not a golden ticket. It’s not as if the proposal is “Give just a free mythic”. It’s “Gives us another use for something”.

How many cedric medals are you on? I’ve heard of players who have over 15 of them… That’s Almost 4 anu medals (with the suggested conversion ratio). Almost a nysha.

I had 8 cedric medals before I landed my 1st nysha token. I’ve spent the unneeded cedrics now on faction troops. I get your point but it’s like treasure troops in delve. You can use a larger number of lower treasures to secure the 100% upgrade. Tokens are the same. We can’t upgrade treasure troops in forge. Why should this be different?

Absolutely correct!

So now they need to add medal converters and treasure converters! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, that isn’t what you was implying?