Aranaea medals

Make Aranaea medals +6 attack.
I suppose, noone wears it nowadays.
If i want to gain attack, I’ll wear seasons medals.
If I’m in need to boost attack ( for example Irongut-based team) I’ll choose +4attack +4life+4armor comparing with +4 attack only.
So these medals are absolutely useless.
But if it +6 (so it’ll be +6 total, wearing 3 medals), maybe I’ll choose Aranaea to boost the chance to devour


Their only real use is to medal troops now.

Medal Current Proposed
Nysha 4 Magic N/A
Anu 20% Starting Mana Stackable (1st 20%, 2nd 10%, 3rd 5% = 35% with 3 medals)
Seasons 4 Attack, Life, Armor N/A
Orpheus 10% Cleanse N/A
Aranaea 4 Attack 6 Attack
Yasmine 8 Life 10 Life
Gaard 8 Armor 12 Armor

Another use for them would be to turn them into Medals of Anu in the Soulforge.

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A buff is certainly needed, though I would rather see Aranaea medals get buffed to +8 attack. Not sure if +6 would be enough for me to give up the extra armor and life.

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Attack gets multiplied by things like Enrage, Hunter’s Mark, Fireblade, etc.