Bounty Weekend - Sister of Nightmares

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New Bounty Troop: Sister of Nightmares The Sister of Nightmares from Darkstone, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Sister of Nightmares will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

She looks great and works fine (except casting lyca now and then) :rofl:

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Nothing wrong with the cards; but the rewards just the usual affronting grind for nothing worthwhile. Pointless orb hunting as per usual.


Sister of Nightmares is a great troop by bounty standards, and yet I’m probably never going to cast her spell in bounty out of fear of inflicting lycanthropy.


So don’t do the event? Problem solved. You’re welcome.


It could have a few more reward tiers, after buying enough shop tiers to mythizise the captain, I’m left with lot’s of sigils and no prize… But otherwise I think it’s one of the most rewarding events and fast.

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If you buy all the way up to ascend the new bounty troop to mythic (tier 6), you can easily do the event with your hero, captain, and two other bounty troops at 24x multiplier and still complete all rewards. Makes the event MUCH faster being able to use your hero.


You don’t need to mythic your captain. Get 5 tiers and use your hero. You’ll get all awards.


Good points, thanks! It was the first time i buyed that many tiers and I am so very lazy with math, so… :rofl:

Would you spend 400 gems on a minor Orb of Ascension? That’s the tradeoff. If you want the troop mythic’ed for kingdom power purposes, you have to choose one. I choose to keep my orbs since my gem income is solid.


I have to ask @blindnighto every single bounty how many tiers I need. Poor guy has to redo the math so much. Surprised he hasn’t killed me yet. :rofl:

Pilipali really needs someone who can count too :joy:

Maybe I can borrow @blindnighto few times a week… :laughing:

I actually got the major orb of ascension from the rewards, so I’m happy. My sister used a major orb of ascension on the captain, so I did as @Snooj has teached and started nagging… :sunglasses:

If you don’t mythic your captain, then it’s stuck at level 19, which means your power level for that kingdom (in this case darkstone) won’t increase…

This assumes that someone is at max power level prior to the troop release. Anyone not or being blocked by something else (e.g. pet, weapon, class levels, traits) would not be too disadvantaged from waiting 4+ weeks (when troop shows up in chests) to mythic it.


True, but Im not blocked on that. Sometimes I do mythic for kingdom progression, but if I dont need to I dont bother.

The troops come in daily offers at 45-50 gems for 10 troops, but only available if you are blocked on kingdom power by them. 75 troops cost 700 gems from bounty shop (tiers 5 and 6). So, 360-400 gems (or less, if you get some copies from chests) with daily offers is a better deal, just takes longer :slight_smile:

That’s been my strategy, I usually only buy up to tier 4. I’d go higher, but I don’t have the patience to do the same battle as many times as its required for all rewards.


Ogress is still the bounty champ. (At least imo) But this one isn’t bad, been using her to clean up.

I tend to buy up Captain to epic and orb him to legendary. With perfect execution (all valravens killed, no battles losts) I’m usualy just at the spot for final reward on Sunday. And if i’m not - well I don’t care that much about orbs… but i could always burn one more tier if i realy wanted to…

I used to buy up Captain to legendary and orb him to mythic(or just leave him at legendary). That used to leave a lot of extra sigils… which I used to lvl up any class i needed on lowest difficulty bounties…(as points no longer matter at that point).

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Is it really faster using your hero though? 4800 points compared to 6000 points means you have to do 10 more battles. Each battle might be faster yes but you have to do more of them. I guess maybe worth if for the hero xp.