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Bounty Weekend - Hound of Yao Guai

Originally published at: Bounty Weekend – Hound of Yao Guai – Gems of War

New Bounty Troop: Hound of Yao Guai The Hound of Yao Guai from Shentang, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Hound of Yao Guai will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Thanks devs for one of the most painful bounties ever. Lv 20 enemy has skull reduction (which mitigates the new troop), give all allies life (impossible to kill before he casts making the battles take much longer), and mana drain red enemies (they know everyone uses Tigraki).

Fun Fun Fun!!! /sarcasm


just adapt and keep going… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad Crimson Arrow isn’t in the level 20 battle. Hunter’s Mark on skull damage with a bonestorm would have gotten ugly fast and made me regret fully traiting Hound.

That said, I probably should have waited to fully trait Hound until after the bounty event. You could get some nice attack going with Hound thanks to the low spell cost and bonestorm and go full blown Leeroy Jenkins with him, but I think Tigraki Warrior is more reliable even with Monkey Disciple and Pandaska Mage being annoying. Also the extra skull damage weakens Tigraki Warrior’s spell. You might be able to make a fast but risky skull spamming team with Hound but I’m sticking with what works.

Curiously, Lv 19 is the same. Has it ever happened before that the final two troop sets are identical?


A new benchmark in terms of lazy design that one must go to great lengths to find as “coincidence” that it happens the same week 5.4 is released and Puzzle Quest 3 goes into early access.

So far, so bad.

(Salty may spend sometime of her off time to state that I’m wrong. But look with your own eyes folks. And if I am wrong I+2 then there should be ramifications for whomever or whoever made y’all look incompetent. Since I’m most likely correct though… expand staffing already… because clearly are charitable donations aren’t being allocated wisely enough no matter how much money we throw at you.)


Lazy for sure.

However it was easy, and I rarely say that so lightly…

Corpse Mare
Hound of YG

Maze Banner

Bottom 3 troops are unkillable, just keep casting Elephant once Mare full. TW on bottom troop or Valraven. Keep Penglong alive if Valraven pops. If it pops first slot, just kill it will skulls and Mare, TW and deny yellow. Watch for Monkey, but I killed VR each time in slot 1 before Monkey cast. TW 2 shots everything, you kill the Panda mostly before it casts and just use Hound if you need mana, useless front troop.


Thanks, xolid99, for that team. More effective than what I was trying, anyway.

I liked it better with Ogress instead of the Elephant, though.


Ogress 3:16 and her Stone Cold Stunning or Skull baiting to keep disciple from casting @Fleg.

Pleasure :slight_smile:

Yeah, tried a couple after completing, easy, explosions or skulls :slight_smile:

Actually you could double up Ogress with Elephant and explode entire board, just done that without captain. Let Elephant cast and then let Ogress move up :slight_smile: When finished ofc.

I purchased Tier 5 and then used a Minor Orb of Ascension on Hound of Yao Guai. Running this team with 3x Medal of Seasons.


I haven’t missed any ravens yet, but I’m out of sigils for today. I’m at 53,200 points on Reward 20. My multiplier is 24 (6+6+12) * 200 = 4800 per battle, with 4 sigils tomorrow and then 4 more Sunday. That’s 38,400, more than enough to finish Reward 20 even with missing every Raven (Ravens typically double the amount of battles you get, so 8 sigils would yield enough ravens, including the ravens from the extra sigils, for an extra 8 sigils).

I much prefer using my hero over the agonizingly slow speed of using 4 bounty troops. Using Slayer and Burn all lets me just mow down everything with Fireblade.

Using your hero doesn’t really save you time overall, you have to do 20% more battles to reach 250k points. It does however give you class xp which is something I guess.

What I’m doing is if I do not like it then I won’t play it. Complaining does absolutely nothing. They will proceed as usual with the same nonsense. They have data to see how each event does so folks complaining but playing anyway they will ignore. I do not like bounty anyway so it’s an easy decision for me no matter the rewards.


Using hero and 3 fully maxed bounty characters is waaaaay faster.

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