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Defeat this week's bounty with ease

Play stage 19 over and over again. Use Ice Wraith/Fangblade/Yao Guai/Pharaoh Hound Proud banner.

Focus all attention on Yao Guai and Pharaoh Hound.

The enemy has no troops that use red mana but has Tai-Pan which gives you tons of red mana if you set up the board for it. I am literally crushing bounty with this team.


This team is a Gods send. Thank you for making the Bounty event less like walking on glass hoping you find some smooth pieces to step on.

Thanks to the devs for that mindless enemy team ‘design’ for the #19 battle! Noting that the #20 battle is exceedingly hard…

The better to replace Yao Guai? I do not have it.
Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion :star_struck:

This team is great! Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you very much!! Bumping.

fangblade, parrot, hound, yao. better to have parrots silence that ice wraith nothing :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’ve wraith is there to freeze with skull damage.


What level have you got your troops at? And are all the traits unlocked?

Psst. The Bounty was last week and ended on Monday.