Bounty Weekend - Book of Secrets


New Bounty Troop: Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets from Karakoth, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

The Book of Secrets will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Fixed that for you.


Please, no more troops with random effects, I beg you. Their unpredictability renders them totally useless from a strategic standpoint, and a real pain being forced to play with them; even more so in a bounty run, where every single troop counts.


Yup. Thank goodness I have a three-troop core bounty team. This way I can slot in any other troop as the bounty captain, never cast it, and do just as well.


Troops with random effects are made for funny defense teams.

“Keep your secrets, then.”

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I’ve cast this guy 20 or so times, he’s only tried to summon lol. The secret is that summon is weighted at 75%.

Troop Name Role Type1 Type2 Color1 Color2 Kingdom
Agave Generator Dragon Beast Red Brown Drifting Sands
Amaru Generator Dwarf Brown Purple Mist of Scales
Blightwing Generator Elemental Beast Yellow Blue Blighted Lands
Book of Secrets Warmaster Construct Mystic Blue Brown Karakoth
Corpse Mare Generator Beast Red Brown Ghulvania
Crysturtle Generator Beast Red Brown Merlantis
Dire Cub Generator Monster Yellow Green Maugrim Woods
Dread Steed Generator Undead Beast Red Yellow Ghulvania
Droggo Generator Beast Green Blue Dragon’s Claw
Excavator Striker Beast Purple Yellow Khaziel
Fangblade Generator Elemental Urska Brown Yellow Mist of Scales
Goblette Support Goblin Green Blue Zaejin
Half-Mane Generator Elemental Beast Brown Yellow Pridelands
Ice Wraith Striker Elemental Wildfolk Purple Green Stormheim
Man-at-Arms Striker Monster Green Brown Sword’s Edge
Mecha Rat Striker Raksha Knight Red Brown Adana
Mermaid Striker Elemental Undead Blue Brown Merlantis
Parrot Striker Raksha Red Yellow Blackhawk
Pharaoh Hound Striker Beast Red Purple Khetar
Plainsjumper Support Beast Red Brown Divion Fields
Ridgeback Warlock Beast Yellow Blue Wild Plains
Rift Lynx Support Human Knight Blue Brown Pridelands
Scavanger Warmaster Mech Beast Yellow Green Zaejin
Sister Superior Striker Naga Knight Brown Yellow Whitehelm
Soldier of Wrath Generator Undead Beast Yellow Blue Sin of Maraj
Tigraki Warrior Striker Merfolk Yellow Blue Leonis Empire
Urska Druid Striker Daemon Beast Green Brown Urskaya
War Elephant Warmaster Beast Knight Green Brown Leonis Empire
War Wolf Warrior Daemon Red Blue Grosh-Nak
Wood Rhynax Support Divine Human Yellow Green Forest of Thorns
Type #
Beast 15
Elemental 5
Knight 4
Daemon 2
Human 2
Monster 2
Raksha 2
Undead 3
Divine 1
Dragon 1
Dwarf 1
Mech 1
Merfolk 1
Naga 1
Urska 1
Wildfolk 1
Goblin 1
Centaur 0
Construct 1
Elf 0
Fey 0
Giant 0
Mystic 1
Orc 0
Rogue 0
Stryx 0
Tauros 0
Wargare 0
Color1 Color2 #
Red Brown 5
Yellow Blue 4
Blue Brown 3
Brown Yellow 3
Green Brown 3
Yellow Green 3
Green Blue 2
Red Yellow 2
Brown Purple 1
Purple Green 1
Purple Yellow 1
Red Purple 1
Red Blue 1
Blue Purple 0
Red Green 0
Role #
Generator 11
Striker 10
Support 4
Warlock 1
Warmaster 3
Warrior 1
Assassin 0
Defender 0
Mage 0
Adana 1
Blackhawk 1
Blighted Lands 1
Bright Forest 0
Broken Spire 0
Darkstone 0
Dhrak-Zum 0
Divinion Fields 0
Divion Fields 1
Dragon’s Claw 1
Drifting Sands 1
Forest of Thorns 1
Ghulvania 2
Glacial Peaks 0
Grosh-Nak 1
Karakoth 1
Khaziel 1
Khetar 1
Leonis Empire 2
Maugrim Woods 1
Merlantis 2
Mist of Scales 2
Pan’s Vale 0
Pridelands 2
Shentang 0
Silverglade 0
Sin of Maraj 1
Stormheim 1
Suncrest 0
Sword’s Edge 1
Urskaya 1
Whitehelm 1
Wild Plains 1
Zaejin 2
Zhul’Kari 0

Do people not share their all-bounty-hunter teams? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did some forum searching. Based on discoveries, I tried some characters that work well. Of course, I also spent gems in the bounty shop to fully ascend the new bounty captain, and all of those potions help a little.

I always use these three troops - gold medalled - 3 Nysha, T5 shop

Corpse Mare
Tigraki Warrior
Captain - T5, blue orb, gold medal it - off you go.

Close your eyes, wish it was 2 hours from now, and soon it will be all over… :rofl:

My 3-troop core is Corpse Mare, Tigraki Warrior, Excavator. This week each troop at rank 20 died to a 1-2 combo of Corpse Mare + Tigraki Warrior, so things were blessedly quick.

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Reminds me of that really annoying secret book boss in Final Fantasy IX.

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Tigraki Warrior
Rift Lynx or Soldier of Wrath
Bounty captain (sub Parrot if captain not ascended)

Love the new troop art! :smiley: It’s a shame the troop is useless and I’ll never see it again after this weekend :laughing:

Interesting variations. Common themes. Mine is:
Tigraki Warrior (w/ gold medal)
Rift Lynx
bounty captain

I suppose the efficacy will depend on the opponents each bounty weekend?

Thanks all for sharing.

Lately I’ve just been using 4 old troops for a x24 bonus, plus a 30gem investment for Enchanted. The new Tinkertown Banner fits it pretty good:

Corpse Mare, Tigraki, Half Mane and Rift Lynx.

I don’t have the time on weekends anymore to go full assault mode on bounty rewards. gl hf


Purchased up to Tier 4 and used 2 Blue Orbs for ascension to mythic. Based on previous bounty calculations, this should guarantee all rewards. I use two different team variations – skulls and true damage. Last bounty I used Crysturtle, Tigraki Warrior, Soldier of Wrath, and the awful Dread Steed. Using that same team…


The skull team uses War Elephant, Man-at-Arms, Dire Cub, and then the bounty captain.

This team is max points and is maybe 20-30 seconds rank 20 battles. Highly effective, recommend 100%.

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There is absolutely no way you are doing rank 20 fights in 20-30 seconds. I think you are grossly underestimating how much time each fight takes. Here’s a rank 20 fight with that team, 3x Nysha Medals, max Magic possible from Kingdoms, Delves, Campaign, Guild, and troops upgraded with Medals max. Took me four minutes for 3 fights – that’s 80 seconds per fight average.


Whats with the rewards!?? I got x3 orbs of growth and x1 Major growth!!!

Funny that when todays offer was for orbs! I am fuming.

Just bad luck. My last 3 orbs were all clans — one minor, two major :man_shrugging: