Bounty Weekend - Book of Secrets

Try it this way.

Fill Mare, don’t cast Tigraki even if full.

Cast Mare on the first enemy, followed by Tigraki. = dead.

Repeat that in order top to bottom, using excavator if you can’t complete the previous pattern to give you some quick matches to fill Tigraki.

This team isn’t looking for perfect play. You match what you see immediately, quickly choose your row and atk enemies in order.

It might not do 20 seconds, but 30 is frequent 45, at most. My team score for this team is only 13,600. I’m using 3 Nysha medals.

Edit: Another thing to quicken it is not bothering to choose rows with skulls, but rows with red/brown. This in case Tirgaki needs mana.

I really don’t know what game you are playing - I don’t see any realistic way to get under 60 seconds per game and even those 60 seconds require good luck with the board.

1 Nysha or 3 Nysha doesn’t matter at all - it still takes Mare + Tigraki to kill a troop, unless, of course, one splurges on T7 power potions to boost Tigraki into one-shot range.

A good 20-second team gauge is, for example, Rowanne on E3 - a combo that wins in two clicks, whereas the bounty team in question (that might as well be one of the fastest available options, I’ve been running variations of it for ages now) takes eight clicks to win in impossible scenario of Mare & Tigraki always being full and ready-to-cast, so, in reality, more than eight clicks are necessary.


Tigraki Warrior
Man at arms

I don’t know what to tell ya. It worked great for me. It was not an embellishment. Take it or leave it.

Post a video then.

Obviously some are quoting times of the actual battle only. Some are assuming loading times included. Rowanne team is actually only 5 seconds per battle or less. I would be surprised if any bounty team could average better than 1 battle per minute including load times. Very surprised.

It’s very doable with 3x bounty troops + hero though :slightly_smiling_face:

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That only gets you 24x multiplier which means you need to spend more gems for sigils.

T5 + blue orb will guarantee all rewards with a x24 team, why going through all the grind of a full bounty team?

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LOL I’d like to see an unedited full Bounty team at an Rank 20 match in under an minute.

Confirming T5 sigils with a hero on the team is enough to get all the rewards without using a blue orb on the captain (x22 modifier). I finished with three sigils left this week.

With a 47 starting magic hero in this bounty event, I used this:


Which is a three cycle L&D clear with 1 poke from Corpse Mare and Tigraki for 5 damage casts total (Tigraki hits Ifrit, L&D kills ifrit, corpse mare hits lava elemental, L&D kills fire lizard and the remaining two troops should be just in range for one final L&D cast) any minimal mana matches goes fill L&D, then mare to cast to assist filling L&D plus damage, then Tigraki since it probably won’t fill twice. If you have even one less magic on the hero, you’ll need additional casts or another full cycle, so it might be better to swap Tigraki before hero. As a bonus, though, killing anything with Valraven up on the enemy team causes a darkstorm, which generally makes ensures your final cast comes effortlessly. Your lethal thresholds will vary from week to week, but a similar setup usually works and is extremely stable and consistent.


You could plan it ahead… all the points and multipliers are well known.
Google Doc for making a plan to attack bounty event
(read-only, feel free to save a copy and start planning)

I reckon it was a 50/50 whether Valravens would carry me to Reward 20, but they did!
T4, Epic + 3 Mythic. Ravens at battles 2,4,6,9,12,16,19,25,27,30,36,39,43,46,51,54

Since the opponent team is fire themed this week, and battle 20 features 4 red enemies, I found this hero team to work splendidly (45s per battle, give or take):

I haven’t used 3 bounty + troop in a long time, but this week would be absolutely perfect for Ferocity to wreck house. War Wolf/Excavator to feed Ferocity’s 3rd trait, and a cast that hits 2 enemies with double damage to red boosted by campaign stats…

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Battles would be quicker with a 3 bounty troop team but by how much? How much faster does it have to be to make up for the fact you will need to do more battles to reach 250k points?

I just get them done on Friday this way. :grimacing:

We’re talking at least 200% faster for 20% less points, so it should be pretty intuitive, but let’s do some maths.

Let’s assume for simplicity that each full bounty battle takes 120s and you need 300K points to complete the event. That means 120s * (300K / 6K) = 6000s = 1h40m

Now let’s recalculate with a 24x bounty team: 60s * (300K / 4.8K) = 3750s = 1h2m

Big gain. And I think I’ve been generous towards bounty teams with my simplifications.

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I did the Tier 4 + 2 Blue Orbs route to save myself 300 gems. Blue Orbs are pretty useless to me, I already have Zuul’Goth, and I have more than enough Major Blue orbs. The fights are fast enough that I don’t mind saving 300 gems and not using my hero.

I ended with 4 sigils remaining @ 255k points. I’d expect to see maybe 1 raven from those 4 fights, so let’s say (6*6000)+5000 = 41,000 points over.

If I did 3+Hero, I’d get 4800 points per fight, 1200 less than the max 6k, and 41k / 1200 = 34 fights.

Which basically means I could use my Hero and 3 bounty troops for 34 stage 20 fights and still complete all rewards.

Even when I didn’t had Zull, this team has worked just fine to get me through all stages and get three orbs with no gems being used.
I just have one Nysha Medal, not finding enough time to sit down and farm the last badge for the second Medal. For those who still play semi-casual it’s important to note that using extra sigils to beat advanced stages is very valid since everyone but Crysturtle will benefit from the extra magic.

Whoa there a minute, I don’t know exactly the average time of full bounty team but it certainly isn’t 2 minutes, and we only need 250k points. I suspect a 3 bounty team would be faster overall yes but not 38 minutes faster. Let’s say for example a 3 bounty team saves you 15-20 minutes. Is that worth 300 gems? I guess it would be up to the individual.