Bounty Weekend - Flora Fawn

The Flora Fawn from Silverglade, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

The Flora Fawn will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.


Those new emoji’s are a bit creepy…


If you squint a little you can almost see a Flora Fawn hiding in some undergrowth. Or it might be an alligator. Anybody willing to lend a hand to find out? :smirk:

Now that you mentioned it, if I keep staring at them I’m starting to see all sorts of creatures, so… Working as intended? :smile:

Another actually usable bounty troop. :clap:t2:


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother…


Oof my condolences brother.

I don’t anymore. It’s one of the more gem intensive modes, the fights are insanely boring and repetitive because you use essentially the same team every time and the rewards are alright but too many times have I had all green or orange.


Yep another game mode I’ve stopped, purely because the rewards for time spent are counter productive.

The books of deed impasse is going to cost more and more players. It’s how many months/years since books were introduced? It’s great there’s no actual finishing line, but there needs to be more of a release of the throttle. The throttle is so tight and the goal so far, that the point is becoming lost.

I don’t see why the weekend events couldn’t get a book of deeds in the final reward. Hell even do a ‘chaos book’ - roll for a random book chance, with 2 books being akin to rolling a blue orb or something. Stick some coloured deeds, maybe ‘chapters’ into the game somewhere, 10, 25 deeds etc. No need flood, just make the events more purposeful for most of the players.

It’s the same with journey, great, 2 books of deeds, but the last one you needed two books just to advance the kingdom (to more useless offers).