Bounty Weekend - Corpse Mare

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New Bounty Troop: Corpse Mare

The Corpse Mare from Ghulvania, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

Corpse Mare will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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You’re welcome boys and girls.


You mean any two bounty troops, bounty captain, and that stupid weapon.


There are some good safe options now for full bounty team. A bit slower but way more points.


Nope. I mean the exact team I posted. Thanks though. :trophy:

In regards to my recommendation.

Tier V use one Small Blue orb. dont lose any Vals or Any battles. And do pure bounty with the capitan of the week. Works like a mo fo

And then u all good

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That made me laugh haha

2 things:

  • I like that you post bounty teams. Even if we’re often at odds you do try to have a positive impact and this is one of those times.
  • I don’t like that you had to post your disclaimer, and I hate that I have to agree with its sentiment, and oh no this point is breaking out of the list–

Yeah, that’s what I don’t like about Bounty Hunt. We finally have enough troops I think a moderate investment can get you a 30x team that can attack the reward tiers. But the team is slow and fiddly. Playing with a full Bounty team is like being level 300 again. The reason I worked to get away from level 300 was I didn’t like it!

So when I bother with a bounty event, it’s usually with a team like yours. 3x bounty hunters and a very good hero weapon. It has to be very carefully used because there’s not a lot of margin for error if you want all of the reward tiers. It’s expensive because it requires such a high buy-in. You have to use the piddly 4x team to some extent or you have to lose very few matches. We know you’re going to lose some matches due to luck no matter what team you use.

So bounty events really irk me. They don’t feel like the rewards are worth the effort. I think the biggest problem is you are committed to playing the same match for something like 25-30 sigils. Not even Explore subjects you to that. It’s like floor 26 onwards of Tower of Doom, and people hate that too.

It’d be neater if you had a choice, like PvP or even like Delve. Maybe if you beat 20 you should get a new room that puts a choice in front of you:

  • A random, unscouted level 20 room, for level 20 points.
  • A scouted level 25 random level, for level 25 points.
  • An unscouted level 30 random level, for level 35 points.

Then all my high-end grind would feel a lot better, since I’d have to learn which teams I’m best against, and I could opt to get bonus points for facing a harder version. But for the best bonus I’d have to gamble.

I’d probably still hate it though. I just have so many other things to do in a weekend than devote 3-4 hours to one minigame.


Have to disagree with this, at least for endgamers with all mythic bounty troops. I bought tier 6 and used 30x team with no losses, In fact never even came close to losing. A few battles I lost 2 troops due to insane skull drops but still won quite easily. I can only imagine how safe a team would be with a good hero weapon added in.
In the past I would agree with your statement but now we have some actually good bounty troops to choose from.

Are they actually good? Or just better than the :poop: we had prior?

Considering they’re only rares yes actually good. The others are on par with other non bounty rares.

Other than Sister Superior (released 6 months ago?)
Please educate me on a bounty troop you actually use outside of bounties in normal game play?

I actually have been using Sister Superior in certain cases against Frostmage/Sunspear defences, and she can stun a Lust team, too, if you don’t have Obsidius or similar. Prior to that, I would have said she was largely useless. Haven’t used any others – but can agree some of the more recent troops like Corpse Mare and Tigraki Warrior have been okay in terms of their Rare quality.

Edit: Sorry, misread.

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That paragraph I wrote is really convoluted, I think you still have a point but you picked out the wrong sentence.

I meant for that one to be glued to if you’re using the 3x+hero team and/or not buying in very high. That puts you in a spot where you can’t afford losses.

As of yet I haven’t really found a 30x team that suits me but I didn’t really play this event past about 12. I just didn’t have the give a flips this weekend. Last bounty I found a 30x team really difficult, but since it’s different each week that could’ve been related to what troops were around.

It’s good to hear there was a decent 30x team this week. It’s too late for me to tinker and try to find it. I’m “an endgamer with all mythic bounty troops” and I don’t see it, but I spent maybe 10 minutes this week looking at the team so I’m not exactly qualified :wink:

For anyone interested I ended up with 483,000 points with a tier 6 purchase which was good enough for rank 21 on Xbox. No battles or valravens lost.

A new player just asked when common and rare troops are added to the Gold Chests. I went to show him this, but can’t since Gold Chests aren’t listed. I just opened 200 gold chests to confirm that bounty troops can still be found in them.
Is the release window different for bounty troops in gold chests? @Saltypatra
(I’m not going to trudge through the forums to see what prior bounty troops were listed as.)

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Since I like trudging – previous bounty troops were listed the same as here (“Glory, Gem, Guild chests”) until this happened:


The text was changed to “Gold, Glory and Guild chests”, which was the same for all following bounty releases up until now, where we seem to have gone back to the original :stuck_out_tongue:.

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