Books of Deeds Problem

I know, the issue with books of deeds has already been discussed a lot. But now
new troops from Leonis Empire and Maugrim Woods can be seen on the spoilers page

They will allow to raise the power level of corresponding kingdoms to 26.
To get power level 27 we need to upgrade the kingdom to level 18.

This upgrade requires TEN books of deeds.

Dear devs, do you realize that this amount is impossible to get, craft, or even to buy?
It wouldn’t seem a big problem to me, if the players weren’t given useless daily offers with one event key. This offer makes me (and not only me) feel like I’m being punished for upgrading my kingdoms.

So, I’m wondering, is there any sort of plan to solve this problem? Any ways to obtain more books of deeds in the future? A decision to remove the daily deals with event keys, if a player cannot raise the kingdom level because of deeds/books?
This question really worries me and my guildmates.

P. S. I know the developers don’t discuss spoiler-related questions. But I feel that THIS question needs to be asked beforehand.


Totally agree with the previous speaker. Books of deeds is a huge problem. Nice solution in my opinion is to put 2 books in the weekly event. Than in a few months you could get your aim and improve your kingdom. I’m afraid to see how many books you shoul get at the kingdom level 20. You can’t craft a number of books you needed because deeds are very expensive. Hope, devs, you will hear us and will answer if you have any solution to this problem.


It’s a problem, but not an immediate one. None of those troops in TC’s screenshot have a date on them and therefore aren’t going to be released anytime soon. If ever – a lot of that particular page are concepts that very possibly will never see the light of day.

When a date is put on future troops for Maugrim Woods or Leonis Empire, that’s the time to start worrying.

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Probably not
… that we’ll like hearing. Probably something insanely pricey for money. Padded with a bucketload of useless in-game resources like, hm, glory or something.


As these troops, except for the Bottle, were added along with a bunch of other troops, my guess is that they will be released during the next Campaign. If so, then there is not so much time until this problem becomes immediate.

Don’t worry they’re going to start adding books to the flash offers soon. You can bet on it. Probably $30 each or something like that.


Yeah but it’s OK because they will be shown as $100 value each so you are really saving $70 on every book :joy:


Then it’s way too late to start worrying. Infinity Plus Two isn’t exactly flexible in what they do, their roadmap gets set stone about a year ahead, even a major player exodus is unlikely to change that. The day we run into the books shortage is the year or two nothing will be done about it, just like what happened with forge scrolls.


And if they do something about it, they might as well have done nothing about it as it won’t help much if at all - see forge scrolls.


I feel like it’s time to bump this thread, as now we know the dates.


It seems to me that removing “Kingdom Helper” offer would be the best solution.


This would be good but really only pushes the problem away for a few months. Once kingdoms start hitting Kingdom Power 27 nobody will be able to be at “max kingdom power” unless books start becoming more available.

Being at max KP is really my only goal left that I have in gow. If I can’t possibly maintain that one goal I think it’ll finally be the last straw for me.

I think they really need to change the kingdom power req of “upgrade kingdom to lv 18” to “upgrade kingdom to lv17”


Simplest solution seems to me to put some book deeds or writs into existing event rewards like World Event or getting PVP to tier 1. That way regular progress is made but can be throttled so that the extreme players don’t farm every kingdom to level 20 in a week (don’t personally care if they do but devs seemed determined to avoid it to keep them playing and spending)

Oh and it would also be good to get rid of the stupid kingdom helper reward entirely, it’s just a little slap in the face every time, same as ingot offers and rare/common troops when you need medals


I wholeheartedly agree with this.

In a perfect world, they would reconfigure treasure hunts to give out writs - they already have the scaffolding in place (writs → deeds → books in soulforge) so this is literally turning a reward type (uhhhh souls sorry, glory?) into writs. Easiest thing that can be done in an hour.

Failing that, I really hope they are working on a new map now that all primary Factions are released. And in THAT they could do a writ/deed/book reward.

I doubt they will ever add writs to anything that can be farmed in an unlimited (or effectively unlimited) way - a small number of players would spend insane amounts of time burning through their thousands of THs to max everything really quickly (or pay a service to do it for them)

I also think books should be added to the rewards of the weekly event.I understand that up kingdoms is a long term prospect, but it shouldn’t be that bad. The fact that only my grandchildren will be able to erect a monument to me in the kingdom is depressing.