Replace event key offers with Book of Deeds

It’s frustrating to know an attempt to fix offers was made and then abandoned. It’s one thing to be ignorant about issues and aren’t able to fix them due to the ignorance. But in this case you know how broken this feature is yet spend time breaking other game modes instead of fixing these offers.

How difficult can it be to replace this gold and event key offers with of book of deeds?

Are you worried that the 500 end games who have endured this game this long will be OP? That should not be a concern what so ever with the ever changing push to OP your AI.

Are you worried about maxing out kingdoms too fast and thus the game becoming boring? Losing faith in your developer’s decisions is way more cancerous than boredom.

These offers serve as a daily reminder how broken the game is and have done so now for years.



I agree this could/should be fixed, but the price point for a Book of Deeds would likely lead to sticker shock and complaints in that direction about it being “unaffordable” for anybody not already spending “real money” on the game. So I’m not sure that’s really much of an improvement.

I would settle for daily offers of colorful deeds. Then, eventually, I might forge some books of deeds.
Meanwhile, I’ll just grind for angels and merchants, and hope.


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While I wholeheartedly agree that books should be the offer given to raise power levels… the powers-that-be make too much money on throttling the kingdoms for them to implement it.
And, if they did, a single book would likely cost 2000 gems or more (with a sticker telling us it’s 150$ value in real money). Plus, they would have to make sure the book offered matched the kingdom’s color. Which would mean additional programming…
TL;DR Ain’t happening folks.


If you make it an equivalent “price” to the Merchant (3 deeds for 150 gems), a Book of Deeds would be 2500 gems.

If you make it an equivalent “price” to the Arena/Daily Deals offer (2 deeds + 60k gold for 300 gems), a Book of Deeds would be 7500 gems (and would also need to include 1.5 million gold or the equivalent).

I don’t believe either price is reasonable for the overwhelming majority of players, even if many of those same players buy them in a trickle from the already existing offers.

But I do believe that it shouldn’t be that difficult to adjust the offers from Event Keys to the proper colored Deeds. If the offer is tied to a particular kingdom, it can’t be that hard to reference which color Deeds that kingdom requires and to generate an offer for that color.


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You’d have to actually have interest in doing it.
And then you’d have to work it out.

I have doubts on both parts.