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Kingdom Level 20 - Discussion and Critique

With the 5.1 update comes kingdom levels 16-20 and my Gaard are they expensive.

Level Boost Cost
Level 16 +10% Mythstones 300,000 Gold, 3 Imperial Deeds, 2 Book of Deeds
Level 17 +25% Faction Hoard Stats 400,000 Gold, 4 Imperial Deeds, 4 Book of Deeds
Level 18 Improved Kingdom Team Bonus 500,000 Gold, 5 Imperial Deeds, 6 Book of Deeds
Level 19 +25% Faction Hoard Stats 750,000 Gold, 7 Imperial Deeds, 8 Book of Deeds
Level 20 +1 1,000,000 Gold, 10 Imperial Deeds, 10 Book of Deeds

Images. Note that displayed costs are cumulative.

And for comparison, Books of Deeds can be crafted in the Soulforge and are stated to be obtained from the Free and Paid tracks of the Campaign. The rewards of the current campaign have not changed but presumably future ones will.

Yep, 1,500 deeds to max out one kingdom.

Thoughts? Concerns? Discuss.

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My realistic self will say I will never gonna level them up in time for anything meaningful. My cynical self will say those are some crazy cost and just ripe for some flash offer slipping in, did the devs look at the cost? The required resource for kingdom level from 10-15 looks way more reasonable than this.

unless they increase distribution rates of Imperial Deeds, its absurdly stupid


deeds will be in ELITE pass and ELITE pass +, I can smell it :smiley:

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Book of Deeds seem pretty valuable and they’re going to be a potential rewards from the Campaign Free Pass? That makes me wonder if all future Campaigns will have more valuable Free Pass rewards in general.

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Levels 16-20 basically don’t exist unless imperial deeds become more common, so I’m ambivalent except for mourning the wasted development time. Maybe future campaigns will fix the issue - only 7 weeks until we find out!

Now, if there are piles of deeds in the Elite+ pass rewards…

Maybe I’ll get Urskaya to 16.

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yes :randomsmileyface:

Levels 16-20 are exactly 50x as many deeds as Levels 11-15, which is great news! Another currency being inflated just in time for newer players to catch up. Start amp-ing deed availability by 20-40x and everyone’ll be up to level 14/15 in 3 months. 15 will be the new 10, and veterans can keep chasing that unicorn.

What I find interesting is that the “Book of Deeds” as singular units will be available from campaigns, if expressed and understood correctly. This could mean that one can receive 5 books and not be able to use them towards level 11. But that creates an interesting dynamic of people starting now getting a mix of deed/book and hitting a point where they finally reach level 15, but also have books to get to 18.

Ah sorry, that was meant to be rhetorical. I was wondering about what implications this had about the value of future Campaign rewards. I suppose it isn’t too surprising to see the rewards buffed though.

I fully expect, this is my own personal opinion btw, that when the TH rework happens later in the year, that Deeds will be added to the drop table


I don’t expect that, but I am hopeful and would love it.

I don’t dislike treasure hunt’s mechanics — in fact, I find them interesting and used to enjoy the mode a lot! It’s only the rewards-per-time-unit that’s kept me from playing it.

If deeds, tokens, etc… are added, that changes quick :blush:


For me its the rewards combined with the change in mechanics from the rest of the game.

I would personally rather that they increase the more you get them type thing.

So if you get 10 Chests matched, they become a Green chest, type situation than leaving them on the board to match with other things.


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same as me, with small exception - if i want to farm some gems, i run few TH’s (as these are only vaulable resource from TH on my current game progression)

Yep, we were discussing this in our guild chat the other day as effectively the sticking point for upgrading current kingdoms. Unless the opportunity to earn imperial deeds changes, then there is literally no point in the kingdom levels increasing from the current 15 for several years yet.

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