Bnonymous, sister guild of Anonymous (#1 on PC/Mobile) is recruiting (29/30)


Anothernymous is a brand new guild that has been created to provide a home to the members of Anonymous who need a temporary or permanent break but who don’t want to cut off with their guild.
So it is meant to be a casual guild. It has no reqs (for the moment) and GW is optional.
A casual guild, but with some ambition: we have already completed 3 tasks in 2 days, and 2 of our players are in the top 100 PVP.
The guild being brand new, we still have many slots available - for endgame players wishing to take a break or move to a stressless environment - for new players who will find in the guild friendly veterans ready to help them grow and the opportunity to join Anonymous eventually, if they are interested and active enough. If you are interested in being part of the adventure, don’t hesitate to post here or send me a PM. :grinning:


Slots available, join us !


You can’t go wrong with these guys!


Any place left, I’m in a good level guild but I think I’m the only one active :confused:


yes diego we have many slots available, if you want to join, give me your invite code, and give a try.:grinning:


yes diego we have many slots available, if you want to join, give me
your invite code, and let’s go !


I’m sure I’ll be a member eventually. Just a bumper for now :wink:


A horse with bumpers, you’re welcome. :rofl:


Quite a few of these retirement guilds popping up now. Kind of cool.


copy katz lol


10 members tomorrow :grinning:


For the first week with our brand new guild, we did 4632 trophies, jumped from rank 19 454 to 5081, and from 2 members to 11.
We gave 8 390 191 gold to tasks.we have finished 3 tasks, others lvl 5



Anothernymous have completed their 1st legendary task, only 10 days after the creation of the guild!

There are still several slots open!


we’re now 19 members, hurry up, if you want to join ! Tomorrow could be too late :rofl:


Hi, we’re now 25 members, and have completed 3 legendary tasks, 13 days after the creation of Anothernymous!



Well done mate. Seems like a nice group there


Two weeks after its creation, the guild is already in the top 2000!

There are still a few spots left for lvl 100+. Veterans looking for a place to relax and new players interested in progressing in an active and friendly guild are welcome.
You can PM @sdoherty14 or me.


2 slots available.

For the moment, the only req is 500 seals / week.
GW optional.

The guild has reached the top 1500 in less than 4 weeks.


1 slot available.

The only req is still 500 seals / week.
GW optional.

The guild is now in the top 1000, completes all the weekly tasks and reaches the 40K seals.


Hi there, I’m interested and can easily meet your requirements. Lvl 560 or so, GW everyday, max seals & average 300k gold contribution.

Thanks for your consideration!