Anonymous Guardians is recruiting!

We are Anonymous Guardians , a PC/Mobile alliance of 10 guilds with a diverse range of requirements.

We welcome players at various playing levels - very new and still learning to shrewd veterans with a keen eye for details. Currently there are slots open in all our guilds, and we’re recruiting actively. :partying_face:

Check out our Discord server for more information about our guilds: Anonymous Guardians


About 15 months ago I made a big move. I’d ran out of colleagues in my former guild – sad, as I enjoyed time in previous guilds and made many friends, but you know how sometimes these things go. I made an uncertain jump to B1 Guild Wars and Anonymous.

Despite thinking I was an okay player, you know I managed all delves potionless and wrote some tales about that some time back on here, I was apprehensive about playing B1 for sure. I was close to burning out with the game and the incessant grind.

Well I made the jump, well even got a little push, but soon found out what it was like. What a move, rekindled my enthusiasm for the game and met some great people as part of the desire to be competitive, but at the same time found the experience fun. Agonies and Ecstasies all at the same time!! I will heartily say that B1 is fun.

Our alliance recently underwent a huge change. This was the catalyst for enhancing the playing options for anyone wishing to join by adding more great guilds to our network and restructuring an inclusive, more player represented leadership.

Anonymous are the longest standing guild in B1 wars, with our next Guild Wars being our 99th in Bracket 1. We have transitioned some veteran turnover in the past 4 wars, whilst at the same time somehow finishing 2nd 3 times and 3rd last time. Indeed one of those second places should have been first but for the old scoring bug!

At this time we sincerely would love to hear from players who have been playing guild wars at a competitive level and would like to come join us fight the good fight against our friends in Black Dragon and all the other great guilds we cross swords with once every 4 weeks. Players who may think that their skills can transfer, but are maybe not sure, maybe even having recently played in the top few brackets, but just have lost so many friends/colleagues and feel a change is better than a rest.

Our alliance is healthy with all kinds of players, a lot of internal movement and freedom of choice to suit your playstyle is a big advantage of joining the alliance, no-one gets pushed, but we do encourage movement, up, down or even sideways if you want to.

So we’d also love for players to also come join and grow on the path, through our guilds to suit them, culminating if they wish with crossing swords with our rivals. One of our newest recruits has 100 stat points and 600 levels less than me and outdid me in the last wars!

With all this transition, now would be a great time to join and help rebuild, make new friends and just have fun. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway enough from me, sorry it’s not the usual post that gets buried in the ether, but hopefully see you soon :smiley:


Thank you for posting @xolid99! :sunglasses:

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My pleasure!!