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Anonymous - #1 guild on PC / mobile - is recruiting (30/30)

Anonymous the #1 PC/Mobile guild is recruiting. We are a friendly but competitive guild and are looking for some enthusiastic and extremely active players who want to help us stay on top, while having fun doing so.

Guild weekly requirements :

  • 300 trophies
  • 500K gold
    These are only minimums. Most of our guildies make much more.

Our guild chat is on a Discord chat server. We weekly max out statues, complete many legendary tasks each week, and also finish the max seal chest.
If you think you fit the bill please post here or PM me your invite code, level and average trophies / seals per week.

We are full again. Thank you.

We have currently one spot open.

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The spot has been filled. We are full.

Hi i am interested in joining Anonymous, i can give you 500-1000 trophies, 1500 seal and half - 1 million gold, my level almost 300, invite code NIGHTVANGUARD, at the moment member of Green Walkers rank 32, so guys when you will have a free spot, pls let me know, thx in advance

We have one spot open.
See above for our new requirements. Thanks.

We are full.

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Hi All. A valued member of our guild has left. We now have an opening. Come join the #1 guild on PC/Mobile. Please refer to original post regarding our requirements and post here or PM @Aelthwyn if you are interested. Please include your invite code, level and average trophies/seals per week.

We are still studying all the applications .

And then we start the extensive interview process.
Be prepared to discuss your GoW strengths and weaknesses.
/jk :laughing:


And after that I heard there’s Masonic rituals…

And a black Mass. :smiley:

We drink cats blood also.

We are full again.
Time to go sacrifice a goat

The spot has been filled. Thanks.


Cookies, cat GIFs, and/or funny catchphrases will bump you to the top of the list.

Also, bots needs not apply. Even if your catchphrase is particularly hilarious.


I have anxiety so I have not been at work for a year and all I do is play gems of war most of my day. I got to rank 264 in a couple months. I have upgraded almost all my kingdoms. I have a few teams that win in under a minute on pvp against any team (almost) I make around 300000 gold in a day to contribute to the guild. I am a serious gamer looking for a high ranked clan. My invite code is LOCKPICKED plz sent me invite if you are interested in me helping your guild looking for at least top 30 in rank. I am 28 years old.

Our guild is currently full, but we are looking for our waiting list for very active players that are enthused about the game and eager to help us stay the number one guild in the game.

Our req and some information: Anonymous - #1 guild on PC / mobile - is recruiting (30/30)


Hi guys! I am 1230 lv. I am activ and can meet all of the demandes and more. I do Guild Wars 50-54 t point’s. I do Bounty, Raid and Invasion.
My invite code is RUKO_1
Hope to hear from you