Anonymous the #1 PC/mobile guild is recruiting

Anonymous is recruiting. We are currently the number one guild on PC/mobile and are looking for players who would like to take advantage of what that offers.

Our requirements are 300 trophies/300k gold per week, minimum level 100, at least 1/2 cities level 10 or higher.

Please post your qualifications and invite code.


If you are the #1 PC/mobile guild, I am curious why you don’t post minimums?

To keep that position I assume they are set fairly high, minimums would prevent people who would not contribute as much as you would like from wasting time.

I have not posted minimums because at present they are under discussion within the guild. I do not want to give out erroneous information. Anyone who wants to know how the discussion is going can PM me and I will let them know how things look now. When they are decided, I will add them to this thread.

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What are your guild requirements?

As stated above, at present they are under discussion. Thinking of giving up your guild?

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I strongly believe you guys will keep your position. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Would 300k gold and 200 trophies per week be enough? I usually give more to my guild, but I don’t wish to write any checks I might not be able to cash. I’m a level 210 atm, active every day, but by no means an obsessive player. In the 5 months since I started playing, I donated over 3 million gold, so I’m rather generous :).
If I don’t meet the criteria you guys and gals agree on, just PM me, or post in this thread and I’ll leave my guild to join you.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day! :smiley:

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Thanks to all who applied. All our current open spots have been filled.

Anonymous currently has one spot open. See the OP for requirements.

All our slots are currently full.

Anonymous is recruiting for active players who want to join the number 1 PC/mobile guild and help it stay there. Post your qualifications and invite code and I’ll get back to you.

Lvl 239 half kingdoms lvl 10 rest 5+ and going up

atm ~60th place in pvp

invite code rainsz

Invite sent. Welcome to Anonymous.

We have one open slot.

Level 240. All kingdoms level 10 (all at least with a star, 1 5-star, and only been playing like 11 weeks and was with a very slow guild). 300/300 no problem. also VIP 5 with dragon armor so it seems to accumulate fast.

Invite code: TASHUR

All our slots have been filled. Thank you to all who applied.

We have one open slot for a very active player.

We still have one open slot.

I would like to join. Although I can only play 2-3 hours a day on the weekday due to work, I play a lot on the weekends. I usually get about 6k-9k pvp points in ranked. I have all kingdoms at level 10 and my hero level is 253. Currently have 512k gold to use.
Invite code 24:23

Invite sent. Welcome to a Anonymous.