3 mid game active players looking for an active casual guild (no longer looking)

We are in the 100s able to donate roughly 50k a week. 1200-1500 Seals per week, and trophies. We are still working on getting all kingdoms to 10. We are leaving a lvl 63 guild do to inactivity and looking for another guild that is comparable or higher.

Anothernymous is a brand new guild that has been created to provide a home to the members of Anonymous who need a temporary or permanent break but who don’t want to cut off with their guild.
So it is meant to be a casual guild. It has no reqs (for the moment) and GW is optional.
A casual guild, but with some ambition: we have already completed 3 tasks in 2 days, and 2 of our players are in the top 100 PVP.
The guild being brand new, we still have many slots available - for endgame players wishing to take a break or move to a stressless environment - for new players who will find in the guild friendly veterans ready to help them grow and the opportunity to join Anonymous eventually, if they are interested and active enough. If you are interested in being part of the adventure, don’t hesitate to post here or send me a PM. :grinning:

Hi Hollywood! Saw you the other night in chat and offered you spots in Misfits of F. Order. Spots still available! We are a lvl 115 guild and participate in GW, though it is not a requirement. We are active and trying to build our guild. Just let me know if you want in! Thanks,


Hi we are a casual guild and you’re welcome !

Level : 89
Members : 12 (six daily players, 6 newcomers freely leveling their kingdoms)
Requirement : no stress and activity
Tasks : 6/12 in each
Guild wars ranking : 1105
Language : French (me) and English

If you join us we will surely be able to reach 10K seals !

Asphodel Meadows, Give it a shot !

I think I have the guild for you.
Our reqs are:
1500 seals
100k gold
all 30 GW battles attempted.

We are an active guild that gets most tasks to 9-finished every week.
We are level 177 and are in bracket 20 for Guild Wars

The good news is you can donate literally 0 gold. Just do your GW or seals and you can save all your gold for your kingdoms. Guild is full of fun and laid back peeps.

Je suis français aussi, ça ne vous dirait pas de fusionner, nous allons progresser rapidement avec les vétérans d’Anonymous qui nous rejoindront peu à peu, et continueront à faire 800/1200 trophées par semaine, nous permettant d’avancer les taches…

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our best players

its a little too high for you, but if you decide to raise the ladder play more and meet all our requirements please consider applying to Dark Riders :slight_smile:

we do have space for all 3 of you at the moment

we’ve done 4 600 trophies this 1st week, and will be 10 members tomorrow :grinning:

Anothernymous have completed their 1st legendary task, only 10 days after the creation of the guild!

There are still several slots open!.

we’re 19 members, now