Alliance of guilds Anonymous Guardians - Recruitment open for Bnonymous (28/30)


Our alliance of guilds was born originally from the longstanding friendship between Marthos Guardians and Anonymous.

We have now expanded it to include guilds of different tiers. But the spirit remains the same: sharing our resources and assets while remaining independent.

Currently our alliance consists of:

  • Anonymous (#1 guild)
  • Marthos Guardians (#5 guild)
  • Light Army (#29 guild)
  • Bnonymous - a mid-tier guild


Since June 2016 we have been the #1 guild on PC/Mobile and the first guild to reach many game milestones.
We are looking for very active and ambitious players, who will help us remain at the top and set new records.
Ideal candidates will:

  • Be lvl 1200+
  • Average 1K trophies / week
  • Have most of the troops and have most of them ascended / leveled / traited
  • Have a successful experience in bracket 1/2
  • Be social and active on Discord


We were created and have existed since the onset of the game and were originally known as the Rainmakers. We have always been in the top 10, and wish to stay there. We are always looking for new players who want to make our guild stronger.
Our requirements are:

  • be lvl 700+
  • 400 trophies
  • 500k gold
  • we are currently fighting in the upper brackets (1 or 2), so that means you should have solid GW teams
  • join our Discord server (to talk about GW if your score is not good enough for example)


Light Army is focused on GW and is currently competing in brackets 2-3. It is a guild where you can learn GW before evolving towards MG or Anon if you want more competition and be more active.
Our requirements:

  • lvl 1000+
  • 300K gold
  • 300 trophies
  • 1,350 seals
  • GW daily
  • Discord


Created initially in July 2017 to offer to the veterans of Anonymous a vacation guild, the guild now accommodates a great variety of profiles of players and has climbed very fast. They are currently renk 155.
Endgamers wanting to slow down are welcome, as well as beginners who want to grow in a stimulating and helpful environment.
Our requirements:

  • 500 gold x lvl (e.g 50K for a lvl 100, 500K for a lvl 1000)
  • 100 trophies
  • 750 seals
    GWs is optional.

If you are interested, you can post on this thread or contact the following to join:


Light Army had been in the top 15 for a very long time but like many guilds lately it has been through difficult times and lost many long-time members.
As a consequence, Light Army has sunken to rank 27 and GWs bracket 17.

What we want:

  • See Light Army back in the top 15
  • Climb to the highest GW brackets

What actions have already been done:

  • Our family of guilds has merged with the guild Intouchables last week. Their highest level players have joined Light Army. Though it is sad that another guild has fallen on hard time, we are thankful for the infuse of their players and thank them for the infusion of trophies made and of tasks completed due to their membership.
  • A few veterans from Anonymous and a player from Bnonymous have joined too.
  • We have created a Discord server that is already quite lively. It will be a place to share information and tips as well as to get to know the members of the other guilds of the alliance.

What we still need:

  • You!

The guild needs to be full to reach the 40K seals and be competitive again in GW.

There is about a dozen slots awaiting players who can make:

  • 300K gold
  • 300 trophies
  • 1,350 seals
  • play GW daily

So are you a player wanting the challenge and satisfaction of rebuilding a guild, then here is your chance to meet a great group of people with the same aim, be part of a greater family of guilds, and the flexibility to move within the guild family.


Many good news in Light Army this week.

The number of trophies has doubled compared to the previous weeks.
As a consequence, the guilds has completed all the weekly tasks in 5 days, with only 20 members.

Although only 17 players take part in GW this week, Light Army has won all the daily battles so far. We hope to see them start climbing in the brackets (currently bracket 17) as soon as they are full.

There are still 8 slots to fill… + mine.
If you are an active player, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the adventure.


Light Army has completed 2 LTs so far this week.

With only 17 players registered in GW this week, they are 2nd in bracket 17.

7 slots left…
Reqs are :
•300K gold
•300 trophies
•1,350 seals
•play GW daily


Slowly but surely I hope to work my way into this guild.


Light Army has completed 3 LTs this week.
With only 17 members they have won all their GWs.

Only 5 slots left!


Light Army are in bracket 16 this week. Only 26 members taking part in GW and the guild is 1st of its bracket for this first day.

Come help them climb back in the LB and in the brackets!
The reqs :
•300K gold
•300 trophies
•1,350 seals
•play GW daily

We also have 2 slots in Bnonymous (top 250 - all tasks completed and 40K reached).
•500 gold x lvl
•100 trophies
•750 seals
GWs is optional.

And we are also looking for a very active player for Anonymous for next week .


We have currently:

  • 1 slot in Bnonymous

We will have at the next reset:

  • 1 slot in Light Army


Still one spot in Light Army.


We will have at the reset:

•1 slot in Bnonymous (500 gold x lvl / 100 trophies / 750 seals / GW optional)

•1 slot in Light Army (300K gold / 300 trophies / 1,350 seals / GW daily / Discord)


We are looking for 2 ambitious players for Light Army.
The reqs are :

  • lvl 700+
  • 300K gold
  • 300 trophies
  • 1,350 seals
  • GW daily
  • Discord


1 spot left in Light Army.


Due to RL we will have 2 openings in Light Army at the next reset.
The guild is now in bracket 2 and completes about 15 LTs each week.

The reqs are:
•lvl 1000+
•300K gold
•300 trophies
•1,350 seals
•GW daily


If you are looking for an addition I would be perfect.

Level 357
300k gold easy
Well over 300 trophies
1500 seals
Daily GW
I have Discord
ID - FindingPandora
Discord - FindingPandora#1020


I sent you a PM.

Recruitment is still open for Light Army
•lvl 1000+
•300K gold
•300 trophies
•1,350 seals
•GW daily


We have also some openings in MG (rank 3):

  • 500k golds
  • 400 trophies
  • 1,500 seals
  • GW daily
  • Discord


Sent you a pm


Recruitment is still open for Marthos Guardians (rank 3) :
•500k golds
•400 trophies
•1,500 seals
•GW daily

and Light Army:
•300K gold
•300 trophies
•1,350 seals
•GW daily


All our guilds are recruiting.
We are looking for all kinds of profile, from mid level casual players to very competitive endgamers .


I was in MG for quite some time and i liked it there but due to my burnout i was forced to switch guild to more casual one and in the end i took a break from gow (since beginning of 2018). Now i look for a chance to come back among one of guilds in alliance (i would prefer LA but if you have no spot there i could try in MG like in old days, last time there wasnt option to drop to guild with a bit less req for trophy and stuff).

As i come back to gow after 2-3 months break i might not have all latest cards but overall i have most of them, right now 1120 lvl and i can do all req (if not i know where are the doors, no need to kick me, will do it myself).
If you consider inviting me, my id is TRAFEK and sry for too long post