Alliance of guilds Anonymous Guardians - Recruitment open for Bnonymous (28/30)

I am sending you a PM.

Hi, I’m a new player, but familiar with this sort of game. I’d like to join Bnonymous. I want a guild where I can learn about the game and grow as I’m still new.

I’m only lvl 40 but I got the weekly seals done to 1500 in 2 days over different guilds since I first joined one. I can definitely contribute the “minimum” gold as I’m low level. I’m sure I can do more, but I’m not sure of the best way to farm gold yet =)

Hope there’s a spot for someone like me =D

Thanks for your interest in our alliance of guilds.
I am contacting the GL of Bnonymous.

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We are looking for one player for Light Army (rank 29 - bracket 3 - about 15 LT each week).
Our reqs are:
•lvl 1000+
•300K gold
•300 trophies
•1,350 seals
•GW daily

We have some slots in Bnonymous (about rank 150 - all tasks completed and 40K reached most of the time).
The reqs:

  • 500 gold x lvl (but it can be negotiated if you are still leveling your kingdoms)
  • 100 trophies
  • 750 seals
    The Discord server of our alliance is available.

Hello my name is kouta777, I’m level 692, I have all the realms level 10. I would like to know if you are recruiting, this week just play 4 days I made 1500 stamps, 1200k gold 300 + T

and I have 430 unique troops, most are mythic troops, all level 20, I do not speak much English but I am very active…
I have not played for a long time, and I’m looking for a clan to catch up with the game

I am sorry but the guild that would have suited your level and playstyle is full for the moment.
Maybe you can contact us again in a couple of weeks?