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BlackRhino public apology press release

Before I get into it I want to start things off by thanking the devs for another chance. You guys could have banned be and probably should have but you all know how passionate I am about my guild and the game. Thank you guys I will not throw this opportunity away. Now I’ll dive into it starting with my guild Intrim

To Intrim

I owe you all the biggest apology. I know love and passionate that I possess for you all was taken too far. A leader must always lead by example. In doing that it’s his/her responsibility to always put the guild before his/her own ambitions. You all know that I’m highly competitive by nature but I let our quick success get to my head. Because of my mistakes I’ve decided to step down as leader and elected NoNo to take my place. I will always be a leader here no matter what and do wish to be GM again as long as you all will have me. I will be better and think of you all in all of my decisions moving forward.

General Population:

Many of you don’t know how passionate I am, you’ve only seen how flamboyant I can be about the fast success of our guild. I will never get to know or be friends with many of you here but I still must respect everyone here no matter what.
I made mistakes and wish that I could take a few of the things back that I’ve done but I can’t. Moving forward I want to apologize to everyone that I ever offended. No matter how passionate I am I should never lose my cool and verbally assault anyone. I will be a better player from this day forth and will not let anyone push my buttons.

To the Intrim members that got away:

I understand that some of you decided to leave, every person has his/her own reasons. I apologize for not being the leader that you thought when you joined us. Our guild is only 2-1/2-3 months old so we are fairly new. I’ve made mistakes but I’ve learned and are still learning to be a better leader. I have done a lot of things right as well. We are rank 17 right now, that’s insane in such a short time. I’ve also managed to assemble a guild of hardcore players from different backgrounds. We came together and imposed our will and made sure everyone knew that we are a force to be reackoned with. We are still proving that we are a top guild and not going anywhere. We will prevail no matter what, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. We’ve lost some incredible people. We will miss you all but we understand why you didn’t see things through however; I want to tank you all for helping us get to where we are now. None of these would be possible if it wasn’t for the blood sweet and tears that we all put into Intrim and this game.


I don’t like cheaters at all and sorry I didn’t know it was possible. Those members were caught and our guild was punished for having the recent botter in our guild. We took a chance with a new guy and he was killing it! Now we know why that was.

Thank you all I look forward to playing GOW for many years to come with all.

It was fun being the villain


Infamy over fame :smiling_imp:


This is one of the best non-apology apologies I’ve ever seen.


what no direct apology to me, oh well.


I apologize, Fifthelement. For anything and everything I may have done to hurt you. I am sincerely sorry.

There, one direct apology just for you. :grin:
Looks like this is the best you will get.


I’ve said my peace

Oh, keep posting, @BlackRhino. I get more likes on my responses to you than anything else I’ve ever said. Thanks for the help!:roll_eyes:


Theres a difference between being competitive and gloating. Play hard without being obnoxious and youll get the respect you desire.



No Kappa? FeelsBadMan

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I had to google that. Im getting old before my time

Feature request: More drama, popcorn


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It’s actually somewhat stupifying how you’re trying to turn an “apology” topic into another of your “Intrim is so great” commercials. So again you’re doing exactly what you say you want to apologize for (but never actually do apologize for)…
So which is it: Apology? Or another Intrim recruitment thread that will inevitably have to be closed by the Devs again?

Maybe you should just stick to playing the game, instead of whatever it is you’re trying to do in the opening post? :wink:


Ah this explains inviting a fresh round of bots the same week the last round got banned. I know all top guilds recruit from level 50 players who magically win 2000 games a week. Perfect apology to me. Sorry to see you back.


How are we to know exactly the players we invite turns out to be cheaters? Do you know something that we don’t? Please share. I am talking about when they join us. Can we tell? No sir. I would love to be able to!

But when they magically win 2000battles over night okay. Devs are on the job. Anything the cheaters contributed is stacked on the next set of tasks so what we gained from the cheaters, we lose. All good there. All trophies deducted as well so it’s like the cheaters were never here. It balanced out.

Look rhino said he was sorry for the drama. No one is perfect. Sometimes players do take the game too serious! Happened to me a few times. It’s all good that he realised his mistakes. Rhino, nice one.

Please excuse the haters. They will hate regardless. While they do, gamers gonna game! Happy gaming!


@Mufasha Most top guilds do not recruit botters.

For Vn4Ever, we look for stable players. People that enjoy the game week in and week out. Now we have @YOYO to thank for taking the time to talk with the recruits and find players. Sure, we only have a few players with skill and time to make 1,000 trophies a week. Most of us are around 500-650. I’m sure we lost some great players, because they saw some really crazy numbers some guilds were putting up, and because they could push 800+ trophies themselves, they never suspected that some were botting.

The guild update will be interesting. I’m looking forward to the positive rivalries we have with Anonymous, Match Makers, Asha’s World, etc., to see how these grow. I hope the update has a way for guilds of all levels to build competition to keep the game strong. Competition between guild is getting kind of stale, since its just a ton of solo grinding.

This is probably way too much of an over-reaction on my part to your one sentence, but really, there are tons of players that love this game, and some of them love the competitive grind. Me, my personal grind is trying to find my dang golf balls on errant shots, and tracking down the next channel cat.

memewhile in blackrhinos mind…


I think @Mufasha was being sarcastic about BlackRhino’s recruiting habits, @Esoxnepa. But I’m looking forward to competing with you, too!


He was implying that the involvement of botters was circunstancially tied to the growth of Intrim. I’ll not go further into this line of thought because it would do no good, at all, to anyone…

An arrow shot and words spoken doesn’t turns back… People were fed up from his past behavior and that’s only natural that they vent their displeasure.

If anything, i think it would be best to close the thread @Nex, i guess we can foresee the bitter end of this.



Interviewer: So, what’s your biggest flaw?

Interviewee: Oh, you know, I’m just too passionate. I care so much and really dedicate myself to the job and maybe I take it too far.

Interviewer: That’s your biggest flaw?

Interviewee: It’s a burden! I lead a hard life, full of passion for my work.

Interviewer: Seriously?

Interviewee: So when do I start?

Interviewer: …