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To the old members of Royal Fire

Hello friends,

As you may or may not have heard, Royal Fire has been restored under old Leadership.
We explain the current situation on our private board. You can find the topic in the General Discussion section on royalfire.boards.net

You should also receive an in-game mail in the upcoming day(s).
I do not want to publicly share more details, but figured this would be a good place to reach out to all of you (in case you are not logging in anymore).
You can also send me or Royalty a private message if you no do not have access to our private board.

This post is only directed at the old members of the guild Royal Fire.

Special thanks to Dukeswe, Namour, Sirrian and Nimhain.

– Doghouse

Somebody took control and kicked everyone?

If you are a former member as addressed, please take this discussion to the above mentioned forum. If not, please let those involved sort this out - it’s not our place to snoop. This community has done an admirable job of staying drama-free - let’s keep it that way, if you please.

As this seems like an statement rather than a discussion, would either @Sirrian or @Nimhain please lock this thread?


Nah im not a member, just nosey. I dont know why everything seemingly needs to be dramatic. Making a big secret/conspiracy out of it is daft actuallly.


Sorry, weird circumstances are certainly of interest to the community and inquiring about such an odd scenario is not “snooping”, it’s a matter of interest to the community and we should rightly be curious and nobody should be encouraged not to ask. I’m very interested in the circumstances of this.


And how is it an “interest to the community”? Unless you were a member of either guild, it has nothing to do with us at all. If you really want to know, ask the people directly yourself.

Many things happen all the time every day. Doesn’t mean we have to know every little detail when it doesn’t concern us.

And yeah I second locking the thread. There’s no reason why anyone needed to comment in it.


How is it not? A top 10 guild gets “split” and all other guilds move down 1 spot. This affects 99% of the guild community. Note I have no dog in the fight as I’m on console, but I’m interested in the circumstances nonetheless.


I’m mostly on console too, but also in a top 25 guild on PC. I have no dog in the fight either, but outside of mild curiosity, it doesn’t affect me or the 99% of the community either. (1 ranking place isn’t going to change how good or bad a particular guild is.)

The only people that know and needed to know the whole story are the ones involved in the first place and the devs. Sirrian himself even made a thread detailing that it was being done and it was the most fair for all involved as well as stating that it was such an unusual circumstance that this sort of action needed to be taken. But just this once.

I’m sure those involved would rather not rehash things again either. Then we get back to the (s)he said / (s)he said thing and we’re back at the beginning. We may want to know the dirty details but it serves nothing in the end other than a personal satisfaction. In fact, I would say it’s likely to cause more harm than good.

Some people may talk privately, especially if they were among the few who were directly involved. That would be his or her own decision. Past that though, everyone is better off to just let this rest already. I’m sure @Sirrian is getting pretty tired about having to leave comments about this already (as he has done in his own post and then again in another thread.)


Id rather things were in the open. As a general comment - the concept of locking threads and living in lala land where everyone holds hands and sings songs doesnt sit great with me to be honest, no reason why discussion cannot occur.


Because things don’t always concern the rest of us and other people deserve their own privacy in the matter. That should be more important than for people who have no direct bearing on anything that went on knowing. Stuff happened, move along.

I’ve had my say on this and the opposite side has said what they wanted too so seeing as nothing will likely sway one side or the other, mute button it is.

After all, I wasn’t involved and aside from trying to point out that those involved probably want things to go away, I really have no other reason to be hear anymore.



What I see here is the OP giving away too much information thus provoking curiosity.

A curious person is then ‘shouted’ down for responding to that curiosity.

An adult response would have been better received. Instead, you have now alienated some, such as myself, who do not react kindly to those who wish to impose their will on others in an arrogant way.

Self-appointed censors. Hmm… Google “Muta’wa” or “Religious Police” to get my point here.

Go ahead and lock the thread. I’m sure me and @Robert could start a new thread where we can discuss the arrogant behaviour of certain people and tell them to ‘move along’ if we don’t like what others have to say.

Also, as a Guild-Master I am seriously interested in what has happened. Cause, effect and solution. Maybe our Guild could be affected someday. Especially, if I deleted the whole group through having a hissy fit. This will NOT happen. Especially, if the Devs prevent this in the next Guild Update.

Oh. BTW, I do appreciate the link to Royal Fire Forum. Will use that myself. So, please treat this as a constructive message.


I am curious as well, but the matters of a guild where i don’t belong should remain as sigilous as the members want it to be.

I leave here my wishes that the guild gets fully restored and that you guys get back on your feet as soon as possible. This setback will stir up the fiery resolution of your members i’m sure. :+1: