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A Wild Guild Appears - Black Dragon / Royal Fire

Hi everyone,

I know some of you watch the Guild League rankings pretty closely, and you’re about to see an anomaly pop up.

Where we had Royal Fire before in position 8, we now have Black Dragon AND Royal Fire occupying positions 8 & 9. Let me explain what’s happened.

Due to a very unusual circumstance in the guild Royal Fire (I’m not going into details), we ended up with an unfortunate situation. The only way to resolve this fairly for all parties was to split the guild into 2: Royal Fire & Black Dragon, and duplicate their progress.

This is NOT a service we offer, and it is NOT something we will be doing again, so please do not consider it any form of precedent for splitting guilds.

I’ll be closing the thread after this message, but I just wanted to drop by and give a quick explanation of where the extra guild up near the top of the table came from, because I KNOW you guys are watching!