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🔥 Blazing Dragons Guild Chat! 🐉 Friends are also Welcome! 💞

:fire: Hello Everyone Welcome to Blazing Dragons Guild Chat! :fire:

Let’s have a Blazing Good Time :hot_pepper: in Here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We can talk about anything and everything about Gems Of War and anything we want to talk about.
I will also be posting announcements and important stuff in here as well. :grinning:

Memes can be used but please post them moderately (DO NOT FLOOD!)
( Memes with Disgusting Pictures or Gif Videos & Racial Images or Text… Will Be Reported !!! ) :rage:

So with everything else said… LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! :boom:

Picture Might be replaced later. :slight_smile:


Hi Virginia.

Lol, Maybe I’m the first. Welcome to the second chat site.

It is being so good for me at the moment. Especially to know better members and can send PM.

Sorry, I don´t want to be an obtrusive.

Also Congratulations for your guild and his fast climbing.:confetti_ball:

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Thank you @ONOPALAVER :heart:

It’s nice to already see Members and Friends already interested in my new guild Chat. :heart_eyes:
You are not in my guild but a very nice friend. You are welcome to speak freely here anytime you want.

If anyone wants to join my Guild, Please go to this page posted in comment. Thanks.

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Congrats on your successful guild Virginia! Much respect to all the hard work your players put in!

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@HKdirewolf Thank you so much! You are truly a sweet person. :heart:
That member joined my Guild just letting you know. How have you been lately?

I work my ass off to find these members and a lot of luck…lol Really have been so great to me and everyone.
Everyone in my guild love and care for each other we are friends and help each other too. :revolving_hearts:
I am truly grateful for what my members do for the guild & are talkative in chat greeting & helping each other.

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Sweet? Don’t tell anyone, it’ll ruin my reputation.

I’ve been good. Enjoying the holidays and Mean Machine.

Just returning the love that you showed our guild thread :slight_smile:


I love how we have progressed over these few months! :heart_eyes:

Hi Virginia,
I find myself recently without a guild… level 746, all kingdoms lvl 10, most 5 star+. Any room in Blazing Dragons?

I have no problem with 1500/500/200+ seals/gold/trophies and am a daily player.

Invite code: clark_27

Thanks for the consideration even if you don’t have room…:slight_smile:

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@Clark We would love to have you in our guild. Please join my wait list. You will be 2nd in line to join us.
We hit 40k every week and complete legendary task.
Please join us you will be very very happy that you joined our Dragon Family. :grinning:

How do I join a wait list?

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You have already agreed that you want on the wait list I assume.
That means that when I have a spot open you will leave your current guild and join us. :grinning:

@Clark Just tell me that you will leave any current guild you may be in when I have a spot for you.

That will put you in my wait list. Do you agree that you really want in my guild?

@Raaven Weekly Gold Last week. Dec 4th 2016 :grinning:

@Raaven Your Top Gold in Blazing Dragons! :crown:

:trophy: PVP Leaderboards Raaven, Ryan, SuShi, Soulcrush, Rhoda, @GeoSouza , Thogra, Virginia :trophy:

Hey @Virginia1984! Just thought I’d drop in and say hi!
Hope everything keeps going well for the Blazing Dragons!
Bye for now!
Happy Hunting!! :wink:

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@efh313 Thank you! :blush: I always try to make my guild the best it can be.
Please come in again and chat with us. Happy that you dropped by and checked us out.

Thank you :grinning:

Why I got notification?

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@ZooKeeper Because I welcome all friends in this guild chat like Mean Machines Chat.
All members are welcome. Come join the fun Sometimes with us.
Would be happy if you joined us once and a while. :grinning:

Don’t do it again. And don’t consider me as your friend. And stop sending me friend request everywhere. Thanks.