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Black Manacles - Mechanic Hero Problem

Hi Folks,

Im using the Team Deep Borer - Bombot - Bombot - Black Manacles.
My Hero Mechanic is full leveled and full traited. There should be a +5 Magic Bonus when using brown Weapons.
But my Black Manacles only do 5 Damage as before. They should do 10 Damage with Magic Bonus from the Mechanic class or I am wrong?



Did you activate the magic perk already? Perks do not automatically activate, you have to activate them manually.

Same with sorceror class, should give magic bonus using purple weapons, doesnt seem to affect shackle? Or its just unclear what part of dmg is bonus)

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The perk you have to “chose” for the mechanist is the one making the hero count as mech (i.e. give hero the him/herself 50% mana at the start of each battle). The +5magic for brown weapon is an automatic bonus which should work as long as you have the mechanist lvl20 (for the max +5 bonus).

The easiest way to check it is: open your team editor (troop list), go to the weapon list - and find black manacles there. Check the dmg displayed ON THE LIST - this should show your weapon dmg w/o the hero bonus for specific color weapon. NOTE: you have to read the number from the list itself, the moment you CLICK on the weapon (Even w/o equipping it on the troop list in the team) it will already show the dmg boosted by your bonus. The dmg on the list should be 5 lower than when you click on it or equip it (for the Black Manacles).

If the dmg is the same, there are a few possible reasons:

  • you didn’t lvl your mechanist (though that should still give +1 magic on lvl1 I think? might be wrong) - it actually happened to someone I know, bit embarrassing but super easy to fix - you said you did that though,
  • you did lvl your mechanist, but you didn’t activate the mechanist class, and are using different class (That’s why mechanist magic bonus doesn’t apply to your manacles) - that’s also something you’d notice if you play the bombot team ;),
  • if you checked all of the above - it actually might be some kind of a bug, in which case -> https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

For me it works as intended (just checked it in case it was a general issue).

Console 2.0.5 known issues in official forum already has this documented with a note that it will be fixed in the next patch.

Seems i was mistake, the mech class has no magic perk. Well that needs some oil. Armour, attack and counts as a mech.

Thx for all answers. So as Illithid wrote I hope that it will be fixed with next patch.