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Birch Team Memorial Park

Tell me Birch Team Members w if it is a good idea. I think yes because there were a lot of great gamers that have abandon the game or our guild.
So the first one should be…

  1. BIRCH - the first guildmaster - not so active but always ready to kick inactive players and sometimes active players. He did it one time exactly but it was very painful for the player.
  2. Derek - in first days of the guild the real jet engine pulling the guild up to the top. he even created the facebook group but abandon the guild for no reason.

to be continued…

  1. Bogart - he is a holder of Birch trophies per week record - he made 500 of them. And then poof, dissapeared. It was some kind of parting gift i think (the best Birch ever get)
  2. pinoking - i still dont understand why did he stop playing. One of the best scorers in the guild. He was like Ronaldo for Real Madrid with 150-200 trophies per week. Propably someone has stolen his pin to the console and he has stopped to feel like a king… :wink:

to be continued…

(feel free to write down your candidates guys from Birch)

  1. Horror - runaway bride or grasshoper - he was in our guild but wanted to go to stronger guild, so he did. After few weeks kicked out and came back to us. After that he felt insulted by game devs that changed rewarding system and stop his activities in the game. He has always scored a lot, but his biggest achievement was bringing another player Velarus to our guild :slight_smile:

  2. Truth - left Terhra to join us and for month or two scored 150 to 200 trophies per week. Unfortunately he decided to open his own guild. We (our guild) are like nest for future guild masters :slight_smile:


  1. Kotori - for few weeks strongest point of the Birch Team and highest level in Birch history. Suddenly stopped playing Gems. Like gorilla who did count in the jungle… no phone, no message :slight_smile:

  2. Burgas - quite a good player, i dont know why did he left the guild. Probably returned to Bulgaria

And now the most painful part

  1. ibohr - thanks to him i vestarted to watch Bundesliga and read alll Goethe books :slight_smile: He was always loyal to the guild and had a lot of good ideas to make it strongest guild in the league. Right now on the trip to find gems of war nirvana.

  2. joey - as above. Funny thing that even after their leaving i m still thinking of them as a part of birch team :slight_smile:

  1. Wolf - left the guild after he removed his wisdom tooth. Should i see any connection??? :wink: Anyway im wishing him luck in his idea to create his own guild

  2. troy - a legendary member who was in the guild for 4 weeks and scored zero trophies and zero gold :slight_smile:

Just ran into this. Pretty damn funny. A week after you memorialize me, I am back.

Typical for Your Terminator Style
From Hasta la Vista to I’ll be back :wink:

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