Biggest waste of time in the game currently

The underspire is a complete waste of time and resources… The end rewards don’t even come close to compensation for the gem cost or time you waste plying it… I have played my first, last and only underspire


The fact that the keystones are priced at 400 and even 500 gems doesn’t help matters either. All that waste of Gems and tedium for 100 Dragonite doesn’t seem worth it to me.


It’s not great. Bought a coupla torches but will not do so in future, as it wasn’t worth it, and being stuck with team restrictions ain’t my cuppa anyway when I’m spending gems to do battles. Having said that, I can’t really be bothered to complain about it as it’s better than the Epic Trials, and no amount of complaining about that horrendous game mode achieved anything.


On my first day, I used all my torches, bought three lots more (costing 300 Gems), explored (or ignored) 36 rooms and got one Dragon which I used the Lantern on for a total of two Minion Orbs.

Not an impressive rate of return…

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Well tbey’ve changed the Epic Trials team each week aftrr the first one based on all of our complaining, so I’d say tbat is a pretty good result. :wink:

I stopped playing last couple days due to lack of time and interest. Going forward only will use free sigils if I can a lot the time. It’s mostly a time consuming gem and money sink. Avoid avoid avoid!

Biggest waste of time?

Nah. The Arena would like a word before you hand the trophy to Underspire.


Except they are still absolutely awful, so why even bother?

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Keystones come for free with each dragon. Skipping a dragon doesn’t make sense as it gets more and more expensive, no matter if you’ve bought any keystones before or not.