Big bug on ps4 cards missing!

When i craft 10 blues cards to epic (shaman goblin) then i lost 9 blue’s goblins and now i have only 1 blue gobelin and not epic …
Under the image of the epic Goblin the progress bar is stuck on 9/10 …

I have already paid a lot for this game but I would not give a penny more if you don’t give me back my cards :rage:

And no more BUG like this !!!

PS : Before you ask I restarted the game and nothing has changed. I apologize for my spelling I live in Belgium and speaks French, at last it can not be worse than your bugs.

@Elleandra Keep in mind that it actually takes 11 cards to ascend to the next level, not 10. Click on Goblin Shaman again and then on Ascension, see what it says.

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I can’t click again and i know i need 11, i didn’t see that I had just 10. Bud click when you have just 10 can’t delete 9 cards !!

It doesn’t say 9/10?

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the progress bar yes, but when i go see in my army i only have 1 gobelin now …

Yeah :(, sorry that you now have to wait for one more card, but that’s just the way ascensions work.

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Wait it means that for the data base 9 gobelins are already used to craft the epic gobelin ?

Yes, you have not lost any of them, you simply only need one more for it to be Epic :slight_smile:, after ascending it, ofc.

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“Tucks Elleandra back in the pram and goes off to find the baby and the bathwater”… lol

Thanks for reassuring me. I’m glad not having them lost.

Would have been better to lock the button until the number of cards is complete. Other people will think like me that they lost them. This will also avoid the craft by mistake.

Or at least put a small warning message.

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Bud i give you 10/10 for your quick answer and your costumer service.

Thank’s and have a good night

Sorry Hairyskinback your message is too weird I did not understand.

It is kinda of a cultural thing where someone gets over worried about something without realising that it isn’t an issue. I have to be honest one time when I was ascending a troop I clicked the button to soon and also thought I had lost the troops but the second blind panic was resolved when I looked more carefully and saw that the button was still offering me the chance to sacrifice more. Sorry for my weirdness :smiley:

You’re not alone lol, I did the same exact thing. I bet we weren’t the first that had happened too. After that lesson it taught me to wait for the blue ascension arrow to appear, and to have an extra copy even then if i wanted to use more of one of that particular troop in my line-up.

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On Console we get the Ascention/Trait arrows even when we can’t use them, so we have to manually check every card.