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Better GW defense performance statistics requested

As a guild we are trying to figure out good and bad defenses based on win/loss ratio. But this week proved that this is not sufficient.
Because it does not account for eg people switching to a team where only three troops are on color. Or for teams that either outright win or outright lose.

Case in point. Due to dwarf week I switched to a three-on-color team on red day, giving me an easy five wins that scored about 8500. That is less than my normal 9000-9300, but more than the typical 7700 I would get for a 4/1 record.

I would like to see the average score people managed to get against my defense team, besides the win/loss ratio. I think that’s the most informative single stat that can be added. Ofcourse, if an entire log of those defenses including GW points scored can be provided (say through a similar ? interface as on the attack page), that would be awesome.

Fast 5-0 wins with 3-on-color team without losing troops at the end of the battles, and 4 unique troops on defense, will give you around 8400-8600 points. Better than griefing battles with mono-color team and risky battles that might get you 4/1 for only 7400-7600.

The numbers based on my experience, I did few times of GW with the 3-on-color team.
If a guild need 1.5m to stay at top brackets the guild need 50K points from each member.
8500 for all 6 days, it means you can net 51K GW points without a lot of trouble.

For the latest example, I did 3-on-color team at this purple day. I was using Forest Troll, Sea Troll, Yasmine’s, and Plague. I won all 5/0 and did lose Forest Troll 3 times. But I still get 8600 GW points

In Def stats, does 0/2 mean I lost 2 won 0? Is it still W/L?

That mean you lost 2 fight