Beta testers wanted for new "My Collection" GoW Database feature

I will be more than happy to help out but I only play this on my iOS devices, dunno if that’s a deal-breaker.

Sounds fun. I’ll help out if I can.

Looks like you already have a lot of volunteers to your beta test, but if you need more for some reason, I’m in.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I will send out instructions shortly. Anyone else who is interested in helping out, please let me know and I’ll add you.

PM has been sent. Please let me know if I missed you and I’ll add you to the list.

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I don’t have a lot left to do in-game, but if you can use me as a benchmark, I’ll be glad to help. Only missing one troop, all are fully traited, only the relatively new ones are not mythic.

Count me, I’m in

I’m in the same position; have given feedback that at late game tracking missing troops for ascension is more useful than tracking traitstones needed…

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I’ve received the feedback, will incorporate that feature for endgamers when I get a chance.

I will help.

I didn’t got any message

I can help. I give fair warning I will probably need explanations in small sentences and pictures. Lol
Back on chemo next month and they don’t call it chemo brain for nothing. Once I get it, you’ll get the info steadily. Up to you. No offense either way! :slight_smile:

I would like to test it out
I won’t have all the time in the world but I don’t mind helping out as I can :slight_smile:

I would love to test this and would be very happy to provide feedback. I really hope at some point the devs have provide a way to export this data or provide an API so it doesn’t need to be manually updated into these sorts of tools.

You and me both…I’d much rather be able to just make a RESTful call and get a player’s public profile, lol. Probably won’t ever happen, but here’s to dreaming.

Inviting you to the thread.

I would love to help (25 year SQA / Test)

Happy to help. Daily player and almost daily forum user.

I’m happy to be a test monkey if you still need.

I don’t know aaaaaaanything about the structure of the game, but for consideration: people have made a combination of a proxy running on your computer + a python script to go with it + tweaking some iOS settings to non-maliciously intercept Puzzle & Dragons user data, and end up with a JSON dump of your monster box, which can then be imported to a web-based troop collection & management site. Dunno if anything analogous is possible here, but it’s the only thing that makes updating your P&D information for the web even remotely feasible.

Ey hello

I´m not sure of what this about. But I said before; for everything you need.

So glad to help if is still necessary. Happy to help in my little way.
Happy New Year

I am game.