Beta testers wanted for new "My Collection" GoW Database feature

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a feature on my site that will allow you to track your collection online (ascension of your troops, levels, unlocked traits) and will give you a checklist of what’s left to do, similar to the great ToDo Monitor but via an adaptive web interface, which is handy for those playing on the go. It also will update the troop list and traitstone costs automatically as I import data from the game into the site.

The feature is in an early stage but I need people to help me test it, as it’s a lot more complex than the static pages that I’ve made thus far. (One implication of such a feature is that it requires per-user data, so I’ve had to implement a login system, for example.) If you are interested in helping test this feature, which could mean entering your data more than once as I discover and hammer out bugs, please leave a comment below. Once I’ve got enough people, and I feel like things are stable enough to get started, I’ll send a PM to anyone who’s replied.

Thanks much!


a great project!:smile: I myself would take part in this project but my English is poor and I do not have courage :slight_smile:

Keen! Sign me up for anything you need!

If you lack tasters I’ll be happy to help you out. I don’t have much time track because I’m mostly done but I’ll take part for the greater good :slight_smile:

This sounds like a great project, Lyya. I’d be happy to help with beta testing.

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As a software/web developer, I absolutely hate testing. But I will gladly help in any (other) way :slight_smile:

Please let me be a part of this. Your site has provided me so much help and entertainment, I’d love to give something back. Thank you so much!

Will this share data with the ashtender database? I think it would be cool for example if the troop table showed a visual difference for traits I haven’t unlocked yet; or a troop’s stat page could reflect how far I’ve ascended and leveled it.

Will that sort of thing be conceptually possible (even if not implemented right away)? Or will this system be completely separate from the existing version of your site?

As currently implemented, it should be quite easily possible for me to include user data into the existing pages. That wouldn’t be in the initial release, but I could enable a mode that will cross-reference your actual collection when browsing the database:

  • Gray out traits you don’t have
  • Gray out troops you don’t have
  • Show stats appropriate for the level and ascension you have unlocked in team view and on the troops decals
  • Constrain suggestions to troops you have when team building
  • Show unlocked kingdom power levels in the kingdom list and table pages

It’d be an optional mode though since often you want to see the troops at their potential, but it’s definitely something I could easily enable if the feature actually sees adoption.


Would be happy to beta test. Testing new features and new things are always interesting and would be great to see how the to compare to each other.

I’d be happy to help, though workload and travels are looming for January…

This sounds awesome! I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

same here!

I’m ready to enter data again. Waiting on your PM :slight_smile:

I would be interested in helping beta test.

You are my favorite cyborg, narrowly beating out Robocop. I would love to join.

If only there was a way to upload a file from the game and have it parse out your level, troop, traits, stones, etc…


Do you want console players beta testing? If so I’m in!

I could help you

Does it have to be mobile or are we talking console also? Sorry if already answered. If console, I’m to the point where I’d like to see what’s left for me to do and I’d help.